10 Chic Winter Accessories to Up Your Fashion Game

Winter is a magical time but it can be even more fun if you have the right accessories by your side. This winter, the fashion dictates we go for unusual and wonderfully unique so, if you’re still looking for the right winter accessories, here are some of the most popular ten to try.

1. Giant Colorful Scarfs

The time for tiny, cute scarfs has passed and this winter everything goes towards the huge scarf that can cover your entire upper body. You can even re-purpose it as a desk blanket if you want. We recommend a holiday theme (red and white), but there are many other combinations to try. Just make it fun and unique!

10 Chic Winter Accessories to Up Your Fashion Game

2. The Beanie

The beanie is the star of the winter as it will keep your ears warm, but it will also make you look fun and cozy. We recommend going for a chunky knit design (and don’t forget the fluffy pompom!).

Just like with the scarf, the beanie features lots of colors this winter so don’t be afraid to choose the ones that define you! If you’re interested in haircare you may read this article on winter haircare routine.

3. Knitted Gloves with/without fingers

Would you wear a pair of pink, knitted gloves with just one finger? If yes, then you should also consider a pair that can be easily changed from fingerless to with fingers in just a swift move. This way, you can use your fingers to text your friends, but cover them when the cold starts getting to you.

10 Chic Winter Accessories to Up Your Fashion Game

4. Cool Jewelry

This winter is all about unique designs so you can have your pick. From vintage necklaces and unusual rings to fluffy earrings made of string and puff, anything goes this winter as long as it fits with your personality.

The most important thing is to be bold – experiment with textures and colors and choose the ones you like. Wear them proudly and people will definitely notice!

5. A cool Beret

This wonderful head accessory that used to be popular in the France of the 19th century is back in business! It goes with both elegant and casual outfits and will definitely get you out of the crowd. Just make sure you know how to wear it, to get the best out of this gorgeous piece.

6. Unique combination of Textures

This winter is fun not just because you get to wear a plethora of cool colors; it’s also great because you get to combine textures. For instance, did you ever try to combine leather and lace? The combination works great on gloves and you should definitely try it!

But the ‘craziness’ doesn’t stop here! You can combine all sorts of textures like knitted patterns and leather (who’d ever thought this would be possible?).

7. Elegant Hats

Not everyone is used to (or likes) wearing beanies, which is why hats are also on our list. These are elegant and offer a nice and chic head warmer that can be worn at the office, at parties, or even while doing your Christmas shopping in fancy stores. Still, make sure you know all the fashion rules when you buy a new hat.

8. Leg Warmers

No, they didn’t go out of style and they offer warmth and coziness for everyone bold enough to wear a skirt in the winter. They go amazingly well with short, medium, and long skirts and they improve your outfit by a factor of ten! Not to mention that you don’t have to wear them with just skirts, according to Pinterest, they go with everything.

Even more, this winter you can get a bit out of the beaten path and get leg warmers with drawings – it can be anything from pictures with your cat to your beloved cartoon characters. As long as it’s fun and whimsical, everything goes!

You can also try a pair of crochet boot cuffs with buttons – they look fantastic with long boots!

10 Chic Winter Accessories to Up Your Fashion Game

9. Cozy Socks

You can’t talk about winter accessories and leave socks aside! This winter’s combination of colors and textures allows you to wear some amazing pieces and you can wear them in almost any social setting. They go great with all sorts of boots, but they look amazing on their own when you’re having friends over for hot cocoa.

10. Fluffy Slippers

In our opinion, fluffy slippers should never go out of fashion! So, this winter we’re in luck – fluffy slippers are still on trend and they just got more fun than ever! This winter everything goes, from comfy boots to scary feet or unicorns.

Don’t forget to have a piping cup of hot chocolate along with the trendy winter accessories that are in the fashion right now. 


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  1. Sonali says:

    I want to try fluffy slippers. Nice compilation

  2. All these are absolute winter essentials. Cozy socks and fluffy slippers are my favorite…

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