11 Incredible Baby Powder Beauty Tricks

11 Beauty Tricks Baby Powder Can Do
11 Beauty Tricks Baby Powder Can Do

Hello beautyholics, how’s the monsoon going for you? Not so good for me as the humidity is irritating my oily skin even further. I need something which makes my face look matte and fresh all day. I’ve stumbled upon baby powder and got to know how amazing it is for beauty purposes. After a lot of research, I’m here with 11 Beauty Tricks Baby Powder Can Do to beautify you further. Let’s head on to the post now…

Why choose baby powder? Because it’s gentler and safer than any other talcum powder. It is meant for babies so we can trust it.

With the help of a large powder brush, set your makeup with a translucent layer of baby powder. It will absorb excess oil from the skin and give a polished look, especially when you have oily skin. If you buy the setting powder that’s too dark, you can also lighten your loose powder by mixing with baby powder.

If you buy the setting powder that’s too dark, you can also lighten your loose powder by mixing with baby powder.

  • Bake your makeup

After you’ve applied concealer, apply heaps of baby powder on your skin and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Within this time, your body temperature will get adjusted to baby powder. Do your makeup in the meantime, after that take pressed powder on a brush and gently sweep it off your face. Baking will make your face remain matte for a longer duration.

  • As a highlighter

Highlight your undereye area, forehead, nose bridge, and chin area with baby powder. It will not only make your skin shine-free but also highlight the beautiful areas of the face.

  • To ward off pimples

Apply some baby powder to you a pimple or zit and leave it overnight. By the morning, the irritation will be gone, and pimple’s size will be reduced. Now you know about the beauty tricks baby powder can do well.

11 Beauty Tricks Baby Powder Can Do
11 Beauty Tricks Baby Powder Can Do
  • To volumize lashes

Dust some baby powder on your lashes before applying mascara as it will act as a primer and keep your lashes fuller and thick without looking scary!

  • As a dry shampoo

Baby powder comes handy when you’ve run out of shampoo, or you can’t use one due to emergencies. Sprinkle some baby powder on the roots of your hair and gently massage it until it absorbs the grease out of hair. If you have dark hair, add some cocoa or coffee powder to it. Run the finger down your hair to evenly distribute it.

  • Use it to enhance lipstick application

Apply some baby powder in between your lipstick applications to make your pout long-lasting. Apply a coat, then dust some powder with the help of tissue using a powder brush, then apply another coat, and you’re ready to go.

  • For soothing skin after hair removal

Whether you shave or wax, dust some baby powder onto your skin to soothe it, the baby powder provides a cooling effect on the irritated skin.

11 Beauty Tricks Baby Powder Can Do
11 Beauty Tricks Baby Powder Can Do
  • Use it as a deodorant

If you’re looking for a safe option for your sweaty underarms, then the baby powder is the one for you. Dust some baby powder onto your underarms and rub it. It will absorb excess oil and keep your underarms smelling good all day! This is one of the best beauty tricks baby powder can do!

  • Use it as an eyeshadow primer

If you have oily eyelids and no primer makes your eye makeup stay, then fret not. Apply baby powder to your eyelids and then do your eye makeup. It will act as an oil-free eye primer, and your color will stay longer.

  • For Korean beauty trick ‘Jamsu’

Now you can get flawless skin by diving into the water. Well, not you, but your face. When you’re done with base makeup, with the help of a beauty sponge, apply a thin layer of baby powder on your face. Take a large bowl of chilled water and dip your face for 15 seconds. Dab excess baby powder with a cold, damp towel, and you’re all set!

So, these were some awesomesauce beauty tricks baby powder can do. Isn’t that amazing how something meant for babies could benefit our beauties?  🙂

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  1. Sucha a great and well thought post.. I use few of these tricks in my life and found some new ones today.. Thanks for sharing it with us..

  2. ???? Yep I use baby powder as my setting powder! Never tried it to treat zits. Will try! ???? Great hacks! ????

  3. Great tips!! I haven’t used baby powder in ages but I will test in on my lashes before I use my mascara and see what happens!! x


  4. Shalaka Ghorpade

    Whoaa!! I never knew that baby powder could be so useful for adults also. A BIG THANK YOU, Mariyam for sharing this 🙂

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