Basic Gym Essentials for Ladies To Start Off Fitness Regimen

So you’ve just started going to the gym or starting off your fitness regime at the ease of your home. Whatever you suit, you should always be ready for it. And for that, you will need few essential things in order to start off your exercising routine safely and effectively. Here are some exercise essentials which are going to make your workout routine easier and comfy! Let’s get on with the list! 

Sports shoes
it’s the very basic and essential accessory needed if you want to start gymming or doing exercises. It helps you stay smooth and comfy during exercises and avoid further pressure on your knees and feet. Choose a cute looking, girly sports shoes which offer maximum comfort.

Pair of track pants/leggings
You need a good quality stretchable leggings when you exercise to avoid embarrassment discomfort. Choose the ones made of spandex.  Just make sure the leggings aren’t tight.

A Soft Towel
You won’t like a sweaty face! You will need a towel handy when you get sweaty after the workout. Invest in a soft fabric, small towel you can use to wipe the sweat off you face. Make sure you wash it every day to maintain hygiene.

Lip Balm
Your lips get dry when you do an intense workout. It happens due to dehydration so always carry a lip balm in order to combat the uneasiness your lips feels after exercising. Don’t go overboard with lipstick or a lip gloss, just a moisturizing lip balm would do!

Sports Bra
During exercises, we tend to feel uncomfortable because of lack of support so for that choose a sports bra that fits you the best. Regular bras don’t feel convenient and adaptable. It shouldn’t be loose or tight but should offer you maximum support.

A nice-looking Water Bottle
When you’re exercising, you need to keep yourself hydrated at regular intervals. Workout makes you lose water level on your body so intake of fluid is a must! You need water to sustain your energy and keep your hydration in check. Pick a cute looking water bottle that motivates you to workout.

Gym Gloves
Gym gloves become necessary especially when you do the strength workout. Gym gloves avoid unnecessary to avoid injuring your hands while handling the weight. It also keeps your hands from getting bacteria that breeds on the equipment as it is used by a lot of people and you just can’t trust other’s hygiene. 

Gym Bag
To keep all those accessories you will need a small bag which is meant especially for your gym stuff. That bag should be easy to carry or hand around your shoulders. Pick a cutesy looking bag that ups your style quotient!

So what do you carry to the gym? Are they mentioned in this compilation?

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  1. The weather is changing into summer and I do need to fit into my cute shorts :'D Definitely a time for hitting the gym 😀 enjoyed reading your post 🙂

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