Aroma Essentials Lip Scrub : Review

Hi beauties! You know it’s rare to find a good and decently priced lip scrub here in India. The one I know is from Forest Essentials which is too pricey for a lip scrub so there’s no point of getting it. When I got a lip scrub from Aroma Essentials I was more than excited to try it. Here’s my review on it today!

Price: Rs. 200/- for 20 gm

Ingredients: Wheatgrass, Raw honey, Walnut , Licorice, Mint

Shelf Life: 6 months

It comes in a white little tub with a screw tab. Tub may be unhygienic but I think all lip scrubs should come like this.

Aroma Essentials Lip Scrub Review 
When I opened it, I could sense a minty fragrance. I guess it’s due to mint present in it. It’s consistency is thick and little round granules are present for a mild scrubbing effect. Upon applying I feel a cooling sensation on my lips which is refreshing. Granules aren’t harsh on lips at all. I scrub in circular motions for good 2-3 minutes and after that I wipe it off and then wash my lips. 

Results are as expected as my lips look rejuvenated and free from dead skin. The cool sensation remains for longer and when I apply lip balm it feels too cool. One thing I noticed that with regular use it made my lips lighter than usual. Maybe that’s due to licorice in it. I use this lip scrub every other day and just love it!

• Handmade and chemical free product
• Impressive ingredients
• Flakes off dead skin on lips
• Has a fresh fragrance of mint
• Gives a cooling sensation after using it
• With regular use it may reduce lip pigmentation

• Quantity is less for the price

Final Word: This lip scrub is handmade, free of chemicals/preservatives and flakes off dead skin like no other! It has mint and licorice which is very cooling for lips so I’m really liking it. If you’re looking for a decently priced lip scrub then go for it! You can order it from their Instagram page.

Rating: 5/5

*PR Sample, Honest Review!

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