8 Natural Oral Hygiene Tips for a Gorgeous Smile

We all agree that visiting the dreaded dental clinic is not our favorite activity. Therefore, taking care of our teeth for a beautiful smile, and keeping them healthy becomes our priority.

It might seem like a task to keep our teeth healthy, but all we need to do is practice good dental hygiene regularly and be mindful of our eating habits.

Natural and homemade remedies can strengthen and ensure the health of your teeth and dental cavity. From relieving toothache to DIY teeth whitening, you can do all of it from your home’s comfort.

natural oral hygiene tips

Here are eight home remedies for oral hygiene that can help you dodge that dental appointment without neglecting your dental health!

Salt Water

You must have heard of this simple trick from your elders. Salt has incredible healing powers, and be it a throat infection or toothache; saltwater is a fantastic disinfectant and anti-inflammatory substance.

It can help maintain your dental hygiene by releasing food particles stuck in between your teeth. Rinse your mouth with a salt and water mixture regularly after meals to rid your teeth of residual food particles.

Moreover, the disinfecting property of salt can kill harmful bacteria in your teeth and gums, responsible for bad breath, decay, and cavities in your teeth.

You can mix 1/2 teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water, take in a gulp and swish it around your mouth and spit it out for a quick and easy disinfecting cleanse and mouthwash.


This common kitchen ingredient is a superfood that is rich with medicinal properties. It has a substance called allicin, which has amazing antibacterial properties and is mainly instrumental in reducing tooth and gum pain.

It also is effective in killing dental plaque and keeping your teeth in a healthy condition. You can chew on a clove of garlic for pain relief, but there is a more effective way of using garlic.

You can crush a clove of garlic into a paste and apply it on your tooth and gums. We are well aware of this remedy’s smell, so remember to wash your mouth with a mint-flavored mouthwash or toothpaste before you meet other people!

Essential Oils

Who knew your collection of essential oils have other uses besides filling your room with a beautiful fragrance from your aromatherapy lamp! But the next time you have a nagging pain in your tooth, you can turn to this reliable lot!

It is safe to consume essential oils orally in a limited amount, and they have numerous benefits when it comes to your tooth and gum problems. They are great for reducing toothache as well!

You can take a few drops of clove or peppermint essential oil on your fingers and massage your teeth. It will work on your tooth or gum inflammation and will reduce it.


Most teas are rich in this compound called tannin. This compound is found in almost all wide varieties of leaf tea – green, black, white, and oolong. You can even use peppermint tea bags.

Tannin is a great anti-inflammatory, and so is peppermint. You need to boil a cup of water and immerse a teabag in it for a few minutes and let your tea steep. After some time, remove the teabag.

Let it sit for a while till it’s warm but not hot and then apply it to the affected area for relief from tooth and gum pain. You can even sip on the tea after you feel better!

Aloe Vera

This amazing tree has a whole host of medicinal properties, and needless to say, it can work wonders for your teeth. It has natural antibacterial properties that kill bacteria that can destroy your dental health and lead to tooth decay.

Take a little bit of aloe vera gel and apply it on your teeth to relieve pain and prevent tooth decay.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This compound works wonders for your teeth. If you are suffering from an intense toothache, a hydrogen peroxide rinse can reduce inflammation and pain.

It also has antibacterial properties alongside reduce dental plaque as well as heal bleeding gums. It can also whiten your teeth. However, it is a strong chemical, so ensure that you use it correctly.

Dilute the hydrogen peroxide properly before use. Combine three parts hydrogen peroxide with equal parts water and only rinse your mouth with it. Make sure that you do not ingest it!

Clove and Clove Oil

Clove is again a natural anti-inflammatory substance. It has a material called eugenol, which is an antiseptic. It can reduce your toothache and inflammation effectively!

To help reduce your pain, take a few drops of clove oil on a cotton ball and dab on the affected area. You can also use another oil base like olive oil or water to dilute the clove oil.

It can also keep your teeth disinfected. Make a mixture of few drops of clove oil in a glass of water, make the all-natural mouthwash and rinse your mouth with this.


We know how much you like using it in your cooking, so it should not surprise you that it can also be a part of your DIY dental care kit. It has potent antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can help with your toothache.

Dilute a small amount of thyme oil with water and dab it onto a cotton ball. Use this soaked cotton ball to apply the mixture to your affected tooth and feel the relief soon.

Its antibacterial properties keep your teeth healthy and stop bacterial attacks that can cause tooth decay. The most effective way to use thyme is in its essential oil form. You can add a few drops of oil to water and use it as a mouthwash.

Know When To Visit The Doctor

Natural oral hygiene tips help mitigate damage to your teeth, but it is never an alternative to actual dental treatment that your doctors can provide. If the home remedies do not reduce your tooth and gum problems, you would know that it’s time to see a professional.

Consult your dentist, invisible braces to minor surgery, because they have the most practical knowledge about the best course of action for your ailment.

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