6 Alluring Nail Art DIYs for Christmas

Hey beautyholics. Christmas is tomorrow and I couldn’t help my excitement because it’s my birthday too! Everyone is like, their makeup must be on fleek and perfect for this blingy festival. Apart from makeup, your nails too need the love. Why not make them look gorgeous with nail art? Here are some pretty nail art DIYs which will make your nails look updated with Christmas day!

1. Christmas Tree

Painting a Christmas tree on your nails seems just too exciting. Here’s how you can do it.
  • Apply forest green glitter nail polish on your nails.
  • Take a duct tape cut it into 2 big and 4 thin strips.
  • Now place the two big strips making at triangle.
  • Place those 4 thin strips crossing each other.
  • Now apply a metallic gold nail paint over the tape.
  • Remove the tape and make a small red dot over your Christmas tree!

2. Frosty the Snowman

Let’s create Frosty, the snowman. this nail art looks simple plus cheesy!

  • First apply a white nail polish all over your nails.
  • Apply a transparent top coat above it.
  • Using a dotting tool or a cocktail stick, make a black dot.
  • Using orange nail polish make its nose.
  • Again using a black nail polish make small dots for smile of snowman!

3. Detailed Snowman

Here comes Mr. snowman again. This one is detailed than the previous snowman nail art design and looks way more cuter!

  • Apply a pastel blue nail paint.
  • Make a big round shape using a white polish.
  • Above the big round shape, dot a white polish for its head.
  • Using a small dotting tool, make its eyes and buttons with black nail polish.
  • Using an orange polish make its nose.
  • Make its scarf using a red nail polish.
  • At last, draw its hat with brown nail polish and detail it with black nail polish.

4. Mistletoe

  • Apply a red nail polish.
  • Apply one coat of silver glitter nail polish.
  • Create an ‘X’ shape on the right lower corner of the nail.
  • Make small angled lines at the end of each tip of the snowflake.
  • Apply top coat and you’re done!

5. Rudolph the Reindeer

What can be more cuter than Rudolph, the reindeer? Idea of painting a reindeer on your nails will make them look 10x prettier. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Paint your nail with a neutral shade base coat.
  • Make a circular shape at the tip of your nail with a brown nail paint and using a dotting tool or stick, draw its horns. Also draw little lines on the horns.
  • Dot two large white dots for the eyes.
  • Put two small black dots on the white dots for its pupil using a black nail polish.
  • Put a large red dot for the nose of your reindeer.
  • Finish off with top coat and ta-da!

6. Christmas Theme

This nail art just goes perfect with the ‘Christmas’ theme. This gives a simple yet elegant look to nails.

  • Apply a white nail paint on your nail.
  • Paste tiny strands of tape over your white nails.
  • Apply red metallic nail polish over it.
  • Now remove the tape and you’re ready those shiny flickering nails.

Are you into nail arts? Which Christmas theme nail art did you liked?

Merry Christmas in advance!
Lots of Love,

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