10 Traits Of a True Makeupholic

Hey beautiful! Let’s talk about makeup today. Do you love putting it on everyday or you do it for the sake of enhancing your look? Do you consider yourself a makeup lover or a makeup junkie? You’ll get to know if you are because today I’m listing out 10 traits of a true makeupholic. Read on and see if you’re one!

1. Makeup is not a chore for you
We usually do makeup when our job demands for it or maybe when we try to fit in but a true makeup lover would take it as an art and just love to put it on. It’s not a boring chore and is in fact something to enjoy.

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2. Makeupholics never ever put on ‘too much makeup’
How does it feel to shine like a disco ball with loads of highlighters and bronzers? A true makeupholic would never do that. They do their makeup with lots of products and still manage to not look over the top. The key here is to carry yourself with poise and grace.
3. They never go wrong with their choice of products
Has it happened to you when you’ve purchased a lipstick of a shade you already own? It happens to me mostly ???? I envy that makeup junkies just know what to buy and their choices usually never go wrong.

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4. They’re aware of the latest trends in makeup
No matter how bizarre the new trend is, at least they know about all the techniques even when they don’t try it. If you love doing something you should be open to everything related to it. Same goes with makeup for them.
5. Their favorite pastime: watching makeup tutorials
Makeup gives happiness, makeup is life, you’ve heard this from them many times. Watching makeup tricks and tutorials are the best thing they could do in their free time and not to mention practicing it until they master that technique.

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6. They give you lots of makeup tips
They can easily make out your little makeup mistakes and tell you which shade of eyeliner would look good on you. Makeup is the first thing that they notice and are always ready to give you advice.

7. They always look fresh
You always see them look exceptionally good. They never fail to look like they’ve freshly applied makeup. Blame the long lasting makeup they use. You can find them frequently doing touch-ups and always looking their best.
8. They save for the best
A good quality, authentic is better than cheap makeup which can take a toll on skin easily. Makeupholics save their every penny for discounts and sales on their favorite makeup brands. They invest in a high quality makeup products that are high in costs but are durable and worth every penny.

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9. They have huge makeup collection, literally!
With every shade from reds to pinks, they own everything. They have a big vanity table which has everything from different shades of eyeliners to eyeshadows, from lipstick to nail paints. They don’t mind hoarding their favorite makeup stuff and might make you totally envious!

10. You don’t care what others think
Someone rightly said “what other people think of you is none of your business”. Same applies when you’re a makeup lover and do it like a boss. Others tell that you’re wearing too much makeup today and you shrug it off like it doesn’t matter. That’s the spirit you should have. You’re confident enough to know that you look amazing with makeup on don’t hesitate to reflect your art through it!
So are you a makeupholic? Comment below and tell how much you love makeup. ????
Lots of love,
Mariyam ❤

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