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What Skincare Industry Never Tells You about Glutathione

Glutathione Beauty Benefits

The first month of 2018 is already almost over, which means that if healthier skin and a more comprehensive skincare regimen were your New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to get to work! If 2017 was the year of collagen masks and coconut oil, 2018 needs to be the year of glutathione, which is presently the skincare industry’s best-kept secret. With its ability even out skin tone and prevent signs of aging, glutathione-based skin products are essentially the fountain of youth. As a plant-based antioxidant found in nature, they are also a must-have for anyone stocking up on all natural skin care products.

Glutathione Beauty Benefits

What Does Glutathione Do?

In some markets, glutathione is advertised as a product that helps to whiten skin. But regardless of one’s skin color, research has shown this antioxidant is for anyone pursuing a brighter, healthier and more youthful glow in their skin. glutathione achieves this effect by evening out skin tone, as the antioxidant binds to the enzyme Tyrosinase to prevent the formation of melanin, a group of natural pigments that affect skin color. In some countries and cultures, glutathione is widely used by those who believe it can lighten skin shades. However, products with this antioxidant are still beneficial to those uninterested in changing their skin color.

When combined with vitamin C and E, glutathione restores damaged, aging skin. It achieves this by binding to free radicals and removing them from the cells in our skin. Since free radicals are largely responsible for damage in our skin due to the aging process, their removal from cells in the facial skin is absolutely crucial to reversing aging, reducing wrinkles, and enjoying younger, healthier skin.

Even for young people, glutathione has no shortage of crucial skincare benefits. Our bodies naturally produce glutathione as a mechanism to prevent the aging of the skin, but production of the antioxidant slows down over time. However, there is a solution to this: Consuming glutathione through everything from skin products to food slows down this process, and has a preventative, anti-aging effect. For young people interested in preserving the look of smooth, healthy skin, using glutathione-based products as early as possible is a must.

Skincare Benefits of Glutathione

For young people, glutathione use is more than just an investment in the future. It also has the effect of clearing acne. This antioxidant does not affect hormones in the body that cause most acne, but it can help prevent one particular type: cystic acne. Cystic acne develops in response to the irritation and inflammation of pores and hair follicles on the face. Research has shown glutathione not only helps to prevent inflammation of one’s pores, but also heals scars that cystic acne leaves by undoing the damage to the skin, and evening out red spots that it leaves. The antioxidant has a healing effect on skin not only when it comes to damage as a result of aging but also as a result of hormones that come with youth.

The prevention and treatment of skin damage as a result of aging, as well as the prevention and treatment of acne, are ambitious and popular skin care goals that are probably on your 2018 bucket list. But the scope of this antioxidant’s power is more far-reaching even than this. For people of all ages struggling with pigmentation, sun spots and dark spots glutathione could be the all-natural treatment you need, no surgery or big dollars required. In the form of facial washes and skin creams you can find at a wide range of prices, glutathione can treat discoloration and stubborn, uneven spots on your face.

The key takeaway here is that there’s not one skin care goal you can name that glutathione won’t help you achieve. Whether that’s healing wrinkles or preventing aging, whether it’s preventing acne or treating stubborn scars, healing skin pigmentation and uneven tone or basking in a bright, natural glow, glutathione is for women of all ages and backgrounds. And it’s certainly accessible to women of all economic backgrounds, too. You can find a wide range of topical creams, facial cleansers, peeling pads, face masks, and even pills with heavy glutathione components. These products are available in a wide range of costs, some more affordable than others, of course.

Long-Term Health Benefits of Glutathione

And even if beauty and skin health aren’t your priorities for 2018, This ingredient should still be on your radar, nonetheless. This antioxidant also detoxifies the liver, boosts the immune systems, and an overall increase your lifespan. Whether you’re eating it in your meals or rubbing it on your skin, glutathione is an untapped health miracle.

In either case, if your focus is skin care and the single most valuable tip for better skin in 2018, here’s the bottom line: It’s time to embrace this magical beauty ingredient as your secret weapon. If your whole skin care regimen consisted exclusively of glutathione-based products, you would still be in fabulous shape considering its diverse range of benefits for people of all ages. Save yourself the time and energy from turning the internet upside down for the best skin care secrets and products — glutathione is what you’re looking for.

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What Skincare Industry Never Tells You about Glutathione

Author Bio: Beverly Goldberg is a freelance writer and skin care enthusiast based in Los Angeles, CA. She loves experimenting with new products and ingredients, and frequently writes reviews about up and coming brands. In her free time, she enjoys gardening.

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