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How Avocado Oil Helps in Weight Loss and Overall Health

How Avocado Oil Helps in Weight Loss and Overall Health

One of the healthiest foods on the planet, avocado, is very rich in oil. Studies show the great positive effect that avocado oil makes on the body. It helps to prevent diabetes, fight arthritis, normalize cholesterol and triglyceride levels, preserve the natural beauty, and lose weight fast.

Every berry consists of about 20 grams of fat, it means that avocado is more fat than a fruit! Yet, it is one of the most powerful weapons to fight abnormal cavity. ‘How come?’, you’d ask. Well, let’s look at the health benefits of avocado oil.

How Avocado Oil Helps in Weight Loss and Overall Health

♥ How to lose weight with avocado oil

Most of the fruits are high in carbs, but avocado is a unique one. It is rich in healthy fats. This is why avocado makes you feel satisfied with food faster, decreasing your desire to eat by 40 percent for hours after you eat, which means you are eating less and do not snack between the meals. (Read How To Lose Weight While Still Eating)

Even though avocado contains a lot of calories, the body burns avocado oil faster than other kinds of fats (one tablespoon of avocado oil has about 124 calories and 14 g of fat), so even consuming the food rich in calories you are on your way of losing the abnormal fat and fighting obesity.

♥ How to benefits your body with avocado oil

Avocado is a native tree of the Western Hemisphere. Local people use the fruit in their meals, praising its rich and nutty taste, as well as the overall positive impact on the body. Avocado contains vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavin and up to 25 percent of the unsaturated oil.

People with high blood pressure may use avocado oil to normalize it, as well as to reduce estimated cardiovascular risk and improve lipid levels. Those, who suffer from arthritis, a joint disease, psoriasis or other skin problems are recommended to use avocado oil in their diet too.

Avocado oil is also beneficial for lowering cholesterol, thus, heart health improving. Studies proved that monounsaturated fatty acids decrease the number of risk factors for coronary heart disease.

♥ How to use avocado oil in cooking

Buying avocado oil you should make sure it is 100 percent pure. The best is to choose organic, extra virgin, unrefined and cold-pressed oil.

When you use the avocado oil for cooking, you should keep in mind that it is better to consume it for unheated recipes or lower-heat cooking. You can use it as a dressing for your fresh salads, dipping or roasting of the vegetables.

♥ How to use avocado oil in beauty treatment

To have healthy skin and hair you can also treat them with avocado oil. It is perfect for people with sensitive skin type, so it may be included in your daily skin care procedure. It can be also used as a makeup remover, even around the eyes. Also, avocado oil decreases dryness of your hair and improves its texture.

Be sure to consume fresh avocado oil. You can keep it open about 24 months, but it is recommended to use during the first six months. It should be stored in a cool dry place.


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  1. My husband is a huge fan of including Avocado in his diet. He loves Avocado toast in the morning and also makes a lovely avocado chutney/dip. I do believe it has many health benefits and your post is so helpful to encourage me to start eating it.

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