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5 Sensual Lipstick Shades You Should Try This Winter

The days of oversized sunglasses, neon bikinis, and bold pink lips are long gone. Winter is here, and it’s time to bust out the chunky knit scarves, warm wool coats, and of course, makeup fit for the season. When it comes to winter makeup, lip shades take the spotlight. Wondering what color lip to pair with your cozy aesthetic? These are the top 5 lipstick shades you should try this winter:

1. Deep Plum

Come winter time, dark lips are all the rage. They make a statement without being overbearing; you can easily get away with a light application of mascara paired with a deep plum lip. Purple is typically an underrated shade in the winter months, but it does an amazing job at exuding the essence of cold weather. Rock the plum with a neutral colored outfit to really turn heads.

5 Sensual Lipstick Shades You Should Try This Winter

2. Cranberry Red

A bright red lip has always been a classic, but for seasonal reasons, it looks even better in the winter time. A cranberry red shade emanates friendliness, as it makes your smile look ten times brighter. Holiday parties make the perfect opportunity to sport the look. Make sure to use a lip product that’s either matte or long-lasting to keep it intact while you enjoy your holiday feast.

5 Sensual Lipstick Shades You Should Try This Winter

3. Muted Nude

While dark lips are generally a winter beauty theme, you can never go wrong with a nude color. Unlike purple or red, you can pair a nude lip product with heavy eye makeup. Additionally, nude shades are lower maintenance because they don’t require as many touch-ups. Give a dark smoky eye and a pinkish-nude lip a try the next time you go out to enjoy the season.

5 Sensual Lipstick Shades You Should Try This Winter

4. Hot Cocoa Brown

If there’s anything better than sipping on a steaming cup of hot chocolate, it’s flaunting the aesthetic. This winter, give a brown lip a try. It provides the darkness you want, but with a unique hue. Many lipstick brands are picking up on the popularity of this eye-catching tint. Like deep plum, this lip shade would look best against a neutral outfit.

5 Sensual Lipstick Shades You Should Try This Winter

5. Red Wine

A deep red lip, reminiscent of your favorite holiday wine, creates a striking look for any skin tone. Dark red lips are appropriate for any seasonal get-together, from a casual gift exchange to a fancy night out. The best part about a red wine hue is how mature and romantic it looks to anyone. Just remember to check that there are no lipstick stains on your teeth!

Pretty lipstick shades aside, it’s important to pick lip products that keep your lips safe from chemicals. There are a handful of lip products out on the drugstore shelves with ingredients you can barely pronounce, but there are also organic lip products with natural ingredients and even vitamins. Be careful to choose ones with no preservatives and no additives.

When you switch to all-natural and non-toxic cosmetics, you’ll definitely notice a change in your appearance and health. Your skin will be less prone to breakouts and your lips will be extremely kissable. Enjoy the season with your remarkable lip shades!

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I’m Sherilyn, a travel enthusiast that’s always been obsessed with beauty. I grew up playing with eyeshadows and lipsticks, and now that I’m an adult, I spend my time exploring the world. I bring my makeup bag with me everywhere I goβ€”from Puerto Rico to Japan. In addition to exploring the food and sights of new places, I love learning about their ways of beauty, organic skincare, too.

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