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Where You Can Find Makeup Stuff Just for Rs. 50 in Delhi!

Where You Can Find Makeup Stuff Just for Rs. 50 in Delhi!

Hello, beautyholics! It’s been long since I’ve done posts consistently thanks to my sessional exams. 🤓 I’ve been procrastinating some good posts for long. These are the days when my creative juices are flowing and I know I have to make the best out of it so here I am with a post. If you live in Delhi, you’re gonna love this post. I’ve just discovered a place where you can find makeup stuff just for Rs. 50 in Delhi! Each item is for Rs. 50! Unbelievable, isn’t it? You need to read to know more…

It was a bright sunny day when I thought about doing a little bit of shopping. I am not good at discovering cool places to shop so my friend came to the rescue and took me to Sarojini Nagar (you’d know about this place if you’re a crazy shopper). It’s a huge market with loads of varieties of clothes, from jackets to shirts to dresses and tees. As winter has already approached, they have stocked up sweaters, jackets and woolen stuff. Anyhow, I was strolling from shops to shops looking for a cute sweater. There were small shops where the makeup stuff was selling like hot cakes. And I liked a liquid lipstick shade and when I asked the price, I was quite surprised as it was only for Rs. 50! Not just lipsticks but kajal, eyeliners, blushes, compact powder were there, all for 50 INR. 

Where You Can Find Makeup Stuff Just for Rs. 50 in Delhi!

I bought a mini manicure set, a brown liquid lipstick, makeup brush and eyelash extensions. The quality of the makeup is just fine and not so poor as I expected. You can find amazing and good stuff for dirt cheap rate here. Especially for a makeup beginner, you’ll have cheap stuff to start with and there are too many products to choose from. So next when you visit Sarojini Nagar market don’t forget to check out these shops. The best time to go there is on Monday morning at the early hours where you get good stuff and less rush.

Have you visited Sarojini Nagar and purchased good stuff at cheap rates, share it with us in the comments! 😉

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