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Here’s How to Start Your Career in Massage Therapy

Here's How to Start Your Career in Massage Therapy

We’re stressed and tired.

We’re aching and in pain.

The need for massage therapy is growing for both medicinal practices and leisure. An available career path needing tools you already own: smart thinking and hands. So here is a guide that will help you choose if Massage Therapy is your thing!

Here's How to Start Your Career in Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy: The Career Outlook

Massage therapists use their hands to work muscles and bodily tissues to encourage a client’s overall wellness. The therapy helps clients de-stress and encourages circulation to troubling areas.

A masseuse is more than a set of hands, though.

These individuals have a thorough understanding of anatomy. They possess a keen insight that allows them to manipulate the body for best, long-lasting results. It begins with assessing the client and keeps an on-going wellness through documentation and understanding.

Why get into the career field?

·  Median pay: $39,860/year

·  Education: Nondegree

·  # of Jobs: 168,800+

·  Outlook: 22% growth

An exciting prospect, nonetheless, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Getting Started as a Masseuse

There are variable degrees of offering massage services – some are fly-by-night operations while others are certified through local regulations. Exams are state specific and training is often accomplished through technical schools with most legal requirements needing 330 – 1,000 hours of training.

Check your local listings to find a school near you.

The individual may begin as a massage therapist once training and certification are complete.

The work environment is flexible:

·  In-house

·  Office/clinic

·  Parlor

·  Mobile

Most will opt for an office/clinic environment for professional reasons though mobile massage therapy is becoming a hot trend!

Here's How to Start Your Career in Massage Therapy

Must-Have Items for the Biz

Outside of a good set of hands – there are items that are must-haves for the job:

·  Tables – Massage beds will accommodate most (if not all) of your needs when providing massage therapy services. These beds come in a variety of designs from adjustable and traditional to portable and fusion. The beds will be your largest expense but one well-worth the investment considering it’s the center of your practice.

·  Oils – Essential oils (like tea tree oil) promotes healthy skin; they are a wonderful extra to include with a massage package to improve vibrancy and beauty. Oils help remove dark spots, razor burns, dry skin, and other blemishes. Their pleasant scents engross the client.

·  Ambiance – Knick-knacks, candles, tapestries, and plants add to the ambiance. The inclusion of these items creates a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere. Soothing music sets the tone of the massage session and creates a unique experience that’ll bring them back time and time again.

Want more? Check out this massage business checklist!

Setting Up Shop & Attracting Customers

The Web is the way to go with starting the business; it enables you to create a presence, share expertise, offer promotions, and book appointments.

Starting a website is easy if you opt for services like Wix or Shopify – services that will help you purchase a domain, host the site, and create the site using a visual builder.

Free and premium plugins offered on their marketplace will add desirable features to grow the business (like marketing, customer service, and promotional items).

When it comes to attracting customers:

·  Use social to share the massage experience

·  Write blog posts on health & wellness

·  Participate at local events and network

·  Offer services to immediate contacts and ask for referrals

·  Take out paid ads in the local paper

·  Try your hand with online advertising (Facebook especially)

There are dozens of ways to promote a business for free!

The Sky’s the Limit

Society is feeling the stress of work; many are seeking alternatives to pain management treatments.

This places you in a prime spot to start an incredible career.

You have the major tools to get started – your hands – what’s left are small investments to set up and a commitment to education. The opportunity is there… massage the idea and go for it! 

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