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Things To Know Before Scheduling Skin Tightening Treatment

Things To Know Before Scheduling Skin Tightening Treatment

If you want to rejuvenate your skin one of the most effective options is laser skin tightening. A laser procedure for skin tightening can help you to say goodbye to sagging skin or unwanted wrinkles. However, there is a lot to learn about tightening your skin with lasers. Some of the key points are outlined below.

Things To Know Before Scheduling Skin Tightening Treatment

How Lasers Help the Skin to Tighten

Collagen is a substance which helps skin cells bind together. As you get older, your body produces less of it. Skin tightening lasers use a combination of heat and infrared light to cause changes below the surface. Those changes make collagen contract, which leads to an overall tightening of the skin.

In addition to the immediate tightening effects ofย lasers for cosmetic treatment, such lasers are also capable of inducing long-lasting positive changes within the body. They do that by getting the body to start producing more of its own natural collagen. In other words, if you have laser skin tightening done, your skin will tighten up a bit right away, and it will also continue to strengthen for a period of time after you leave the skincare clinic.

How Many Laser Skin Tightening Appointments Are Required

The number of laser skin tightening procedures you are likely to need will depend greatly on the status of your skin when you first walk into a skincare clinic. The more advanced your wrinkles are, the more treatments will be required. Typically, skin care clinics schedule such treatments at intervals of approximately one month. It may take around three treatments before your skin shows significant improvement, which means that you will have to wait about three months to see the fruits of your efforts when you undergo laser skin tightening procedures. You may also choose to have future treatments based on how your skin changes over time.

How Laser Skin Tightening Feels

If you think that laser skin tightening sounds painful you have very little to worry about. Safety procedures are used in skincare clinics to ensure patient comfort. Your skin may feel warm during some parts of the treatment, but the machines are typically designed to use blasts of cooling air to negate that sensation. Alternatively, your clinician may use topical medications to cool or numb your skin prior to treatment.

What to do After Laser Skin Tightening Appointments

Each laser skin tightening appointment should take no more than an hour or so. Although, the exact length of time will depend on what part of your skin you are having treated. Your session could be as short as half an hour. Regardless, when the session ends you can resume your standard schedule and activities right away. The only major restriction your clinician is likely to place on you is that you should protect your skin from the sun because it may be extra sensitive after your laser procedure.

Side Effects You May Experience After Laser Skin Tightening

It is important to note that there are a few potential side effects associated with any laser skin treatment. In the case of skin tightening procedures, you may experience minor swelling or redness in the treatment area. Those side effects should go away on their own within approximately one day. Bruising, changes in skin pigmentation and blisters may also occur on rare occasions, but they are typically temporary. Clinicians can typically assess your skin prior to treatment in order to determine if such side effects are likely based on the type of skin that you have. For instance, people with dark skin tend to have more issues with pigment changes after treatment than people with light skin.

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