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Website Review | Rateral.com



Hello, my beautyholics, I’m back with another review with you and today it’s going to be a website review on Rateral.com, which is a budding shopping discussion website where it lets you post queries and answer others’ queries regarding shopping. Let’s know more about this website…

What is this website about?

Rateral.com is a shopping niche question – answer site and its mission is to connect you with the genuine buyers who already have experienced the product. Or even a service you are planning to buy and need an honest opinion to take your final decision. Being consumer you have a plethora of offerings by various manufacturers, it is not possible to buy them all and test to continue with the best one. That’s why you need a place like Rateral so that you can connect with current consumers of that thing and know that how they feel about your next buy.

My review on Rateral.com

Whenever I see a product either online or through advertisement, the first thing I do is research about it online until I am satisfied that it’s a right choice for me. I visit many websites and blogs to check the review of the product before buying. I am sure everyone else does that too. I wasn’t aware of Rateral.com’s concept until I got there. I was amazed by their concept. It is basically a question-answer website related to shopping. If you have any doubt regarding any of the products your thinking to buy, you can post a whole new question about it and consumers just like you have the answers and suggestions for your question. This way, you get a chance to connect with other consumers throughout India.


Using Rateral.com is exceptionally easy, you can read questions and answers without any registration. But it is limited to 2-3 answers only and after that, you have to register yourself. You can register either through your email or through social media like Facebook or Google. You get an option to favorite and save the best answers when you’re registered. Your answer can help a person decide whether to buy a product or not as well provide suggestions of other products as well. I’ve created my profile on rateral.com and posted my first question ‘Where to buy beauty and makeup products online at a good discount?’. If you have some suggestions, kindly suggest me. Here’s the link to my rateral.com profile: rateral.com/users/1023/ ,You may check it out and follow me there if you want.


Final Word: If you’re a consumer who wants to make sure the product you’ve chosen is a right decision or you need suggestions about products, then rateral.com is the best platform. You can post as many questions as you want and help others by answering their questions. With rateral.com, shopping choices become easy! There are categories to choose from general to Android and from haircare to best watches. It seems that the owners are still working on the website to make it a better platform for consumers like us. So I recommend you to visit it. You can connect with other consumers by following them and make the most out of it.

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