Why You Should Only Purchase Conflict-Free Diamonds

Following the publicizing of the conflict or blood diamond issue in the 1990s, the need to ensure a buyer knows where any purchased diamonds was sourced has become a major part of buying a range of jewelry products from established jewelers. Looking for certification and proof of origin have both become key factors in choosing a diamond for an engagement, wedding, or any special occasion.

The majority of people may be aware of the issue of conflict or blood diamonds entering the global market for these precious stones but understanding how to shop to make sure one is not purchasing any of these unethical pieces of jewelry can be a little harder to achieve. There are now a number of global organizations looking to help consumers in their bid to make sure any diamond they purchased is not sourced from sellers with links to rebel groups across Africa who use their profits in a morally reprehensible way.

The Problem Of Conflict Diamonds

It was during the 1990s that the problem of so-called blood diamonds was publicized in the news media, novels, and Hollywood movies after many rebel groups in African nations, such as the Ivory Coast were identified as taking control of major mining operations; using funds from the sale of diamonds mined in less than ethical ways to fund civil wars and train child soldiers led to major organizations looking for ways to curb the trade in these stones.

Certification And Proof Of Origin

Diamonds For Less is one of the trusted Toronto Jewellery stores and is a fine example of a reputable jeweler who has developed a series of ethical options that allow any customer looking for a diamond to be sure in the authenticity of their conflict-free diamonds. In response to the growing demand for a ban on all blood diamonds, a number of major global groups came together to make sure the unethical aspects of the diamond trade could be addressed for the benefit of customers who wanted to be sure their jewellery was created without the risk of providing financial backing for rebel groups across Africa.

The United Nations played a key role in the development of the Kimberley Process, which has now been accepted as the global standard for providing information on the background of ethically sourced diamonds; conflict free diamonds are provided with a certificate of authenticity using the Kimberley Process that any jeweller in Toronto or around the world should be able to provide for their customer to reassure them of the morally acceptable way their diamond jewellery was produced. Conflict free diamonds can be sourced from around the world and can come from countries including Australia, Canada, and many African nations who are known for producing the highest quality diamonds on the planet.

Whenever any person is looking for an ethically produced diamond, it is important to always ask the jeweler for a Kimberley Process certificate that will provide reassurance of how the diamond was produced. Some diamonds are still smuggled into the diamond market by rebel groups, but these are becoming rarer as more and more consumers are becoming aware of the way the Kimberley Process has changed the nature of the global trade in precious stones.

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