Dear Ladies, Here’s How to Surprise Your Man this Eid!

How to surprise your man this Eid

Well, to be honest, there are not many occasions for men to get pampered and showered with gifts like women. We believe, every woman should surprise her man as he does every once in a while, to show how much she cares for him. With EID just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for you to shower your man with endless gifts and heart-touching gestures. Little surprises like tucking a love note in his pocket will not only make him happy but will also break the routine and give your marriage a unique bond and a fresh start.

How to surprise your man this Eid

This year, make EID one of the most special days of his life. Check out these five fantastic ways to make your man feel blessed and pampered this festive season.

  • Go Old School

Go old school by proposing to your man once again with a ring. This unexpected gesture would bring a smile on his face, and he would remember it for life. If you are short of time, go to any of the online jewelry stores like CaratLane, browse through the wide selection of rings for men and get one delivered at your doorstep.

Light a few candles and present him the ring when he comes back after a long day at work. Not only would this romantic move make him fall for you all over again but it will also make the festive season all the more special for him. So, all you need to do is to choose from the men’s ring designs in gold from CaratLane and be all set to make your man feel blessed and pampered.

How to surprise your man this Eid
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  • Cook Him His Favourite Food 

If you happen to live far away from home and it’s just going to be the two of you together on the day of EID, plan a special dinner for him with all his favourite dishes. If preparing biryani or any other dish is a tough nut for you, order some and prepare the table for him. It doesn’t have to be all fancy, but try to make it as special and as romantic as possible. It will show him how important he is to you and your unconditional love for him.

Dear Ladies, Here's How to Surprise Your Man this Eid!

  • Give Him a “Thank You” List

As time passes, it’s normal for couples to start taking small gestures for granted. So, this year, make a list of things that you would like to thank him for. From something as small as making the bed to mowing the lawn, include every little thing he does for you on the list. Small gestures of appreciation, saying ‘thank you’ and occasional compliments are a key to a happy relationship, so make sure you make these gestures not only an occasional thing, but a habit.

How to Surprise Your Man this Eid!

  • Dedicate a Song on the Radio

There was a period when people went crazy hearing their name and a song connected with it on the radio. Well, bring back that time by dedicating a song for your man on the radio. There are special shows that play songs on request, so this one will require a lot of planning and hours of calling to any of the local radio stations. This one’s an oldie but something he’ll never expect. Hearing his name on the radio would surely make him blush. Don’t wait, get started with the preparations now!

How to Surprise Your Man this Eid!

  • A Paper Trail

Because on the day of EID both of you will be home, one of the best things to do would be to leave a paper trail that leads to a surprise. Plan the move well by preparing the trail in the wee hours after he is asleep. Like women, men love to get surprised and doing this; you’ll win his heart all over again.

How to Surprise Your Man this Eid

Now that you’ve got enough ideas to surprise your man, you shouldn’t be waiting anymore. Go ahead and shower his day with surprises; it’s time to claim him again for life! The fantastic collection of rings for men at CaratLane would surely make you want to gift him a ring, but we are sure if you try and incorporate a few other ideas too, he won’t be able to thank you enough!

EID Mubarak!  🙂 

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