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Omved Malati Jasmine Blossoms Soap | Review

In my previous post, I reviewed Omved Tulsi Face Mask which worked quite well on my skin. I was impressed by that all-natural face pack. Today, I have another product from Omved which is a handmade soap. It’s Malati Intoxicating Jasmine Blossoms Soap. I love the fragrance of Jasmine fragrance a lot and when I got a soap with Jasmine, I was so delighted. Let’s move on the review.

Price: Rs. 270/- for 125 g

Ingredients: Saponified Oils of Olive, Vegetable, and Castor Retained and added plant-based glycerine, Aloe Vera, flower extracts and pure essential oil of Jasmine.

Omved Malati Jasmine Blossoms Soap | Review
This soap comes in a paper box inside which soap is wrapped in plastic. All the details are there on the paper packaging. The first thing I witnessed while opening the packing was this soap’s indulging and mesmerizing fragrance of Jasmine. My room literally was filled with the whiff of this fragrance. It is free from chemicals and preservatives which are a plus point. I couldn’t resist taking a shower with this soap so hopped in quickly into the bathroom. When in contact with wet skin, this soap lathers well but bit less than other soaps. Due to the presence of olive, castor, vegetable and jasmine essential oil, it felt silky on the skin. I loved its tempting aroma which spread around me. It wasn’t drying like many other soaps. I also noticed that it didn’t melt faster like I expected. Even if I shower every day, it would last me a month or at least 20 days. I loved how its fragrance lingered on my skin after every bath. I noticed that after using it few times its intensity of fragrance got less. I like how this soap leaves my skin refreshed and moisturized.


  • Has a mesmerizing fragrance
  • Refreshes skin after every bath
  • Leaves skin moisturized
  • Doesn’t melt quickly


  • Is a bit pricey

Final Word: This was the first aromatherapy soap that calmed my senses. I love the fact that it’s handmade, free from chemicals and preservative and, has a beautiful scent of Jasmine. It doesn’t dry out skin either! If you don’t mind the price, try it!

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