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Latest Beauty Trend: Feather Brows | In or Out?

Every other day, we get to have a new beauty or makeup trend and beauty enthusiasts all over the world go gaga over it. Beauty trends may come and go, but the best one stays. I’m going to talk about the latest beauty trend on the block – feather brows. Yes, you heard me right, feather eyebrows?! Some are freaking out and some love it. #featherbrow is trending all over the internet. Read more to know everything about this newly launched trend!

It all started in Instagram, a few days ago when a makeup artist, Stella Sironen from Finland posted a pic of her sporting feathered brows. The brows are polished and filled like usual and then they are parted from the middle and she did it with a glue stick! Can you believe that? And this is how this #featherbrows trend spread like a fire all over the beauty sphere! It makes your eyebrows look literally like a feather. Her full and thick eyebrows actually made the look better. She later told everyone is was just a joke and was astonished to see overwhelming reactions and recreations of her eyebrow look. 

So the main question lies that if this trend is given thumbs up or thumbs down? Well, there are mixed opinions. Many beauty bloggers have called it as a ‘bizarre’ trend and some are having fun recreating this look. Some are adding sparkle and bling to this look and revealing their own version. In my opinion, this trend will only look great on girls with thick brows and won’t work on eyebrows which are thin so no feathers for thin brows. Another thing is that you need a glue stick to achieve this look which I think is pretty harmful on putting on skin, forget about the hassle to wash it off. From an artistic view, this is a fun art, otherwise, I don’t know if this look is comfortable to wear.

For me, this is more of an artistic look reserved for only photo shoots or for fun and not something I’d wear every day and make heads turn. It’s sure one of the ways to grab attention, though. πŸ˜› What do you think of this trend? Will it stay or get blown off sooner? Comment and let me know!

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4 thoughts on “Latest Beauty Trend: Feather Brows | In or Out?”

  1. 😁Wow…I came to know about feather brows through this post. Not sure if I'll recreate this look or not. Perhaps no! But looks fun! πŸ˜€

  2. Honestly dear looks good in picture…but I am doubtful whether I would be able to portray this sort of thing or not..but you have described beautifully..😊

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