Go Traditional with Famous Handloom Sarees of India

Handloom sarees are a traditional hallmark of India. The fact that they are handmade, that means they’re made of love. Did you know each saree takes a day or two to get completed? The more these handloom sarees are produced, the more rural economy of India gets benefitted by it so getting one for yourself actually makes a small fraction of contribution to those weavers! Coming to the post today, I’m going to talk about famous handloom sarees of India. Keep reading to know more…

1. Chanderi Sarees
One best feature of this saree is that they’re lightweight and comfortable! These sarees are made from three kinds of fabric – pure silk, Chanderi cotton and silk cotton and best known for golden and silver zari on their borderChanderi could very well call itself the princess of handloom weaves due to its serenity. Your skin can literally breathe in this lightweight saree.


2. Banarasi Sarees
Being one of the most famous sarees, the Banarasi saree has been a priceless possession for a bride from ancient ages. Originating from Banaras in UP, these sarees have vivid designs with golden and silver threads and a rich, silky texture. These sarees are heavy and are often worn in festivals and traditional functions. I love the borders in Zari in these sarees.

3. Paithani Sarees 
Paithani saree is a must-have in every handloom connoisseurs collection. Made from fine silk, it’s considered to be one of the richest sarees in India. Its signature style is a peacock motif in its pallu and border of an oblique design. It has a dual-tone hue which gives it a luxuriant appearance. 

4. Kanjivaram Sarees
Kanjivaram sarees reminds us of our glorious past and distinctive style of weaving. A classic Kanjivaram silk saree comes within bright dyed mulberry silk and has contrasting pallu and border work. In fact, a quick way to identify a classic Kanjeevaram saree is to see if the pallu and border have been attached separately to the body of the saree as opposed to a clean single weave. This is because Kanjeevaram sarees are usually put together after weaving each of the three parts separately and then joining them together in a very strong weave. A Kanjivaram is best suited for weddings or occasions dresses of festive and cultural importance.

5. Tussar Sarees
Hailing from Orissa, these sarees are made from larvae of special silkworms species. These have an earthy look with a crisp texture. Ultra-rich texture and a natural deep gold color are the exceptionality of this saree.
Handloom sarees are the cultural heritage of India and an epitome of purity. What are your views on them?

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