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How to Boost Your Eyesight Through Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the science of life. This sophisticated curative system originated in India thousands of years ago. It provides a cure for almost all kinds of ailments. It precisely uses principles of nature to bring back the balance in our health. Coming to our five senses, it would be no understatement to say that eyes are the most essential and delicate sense organ we possess. It is actually very important to take good care of our eyes to keep a healthy vision. We almost put no efforts towards a healthier vision unless until something serious comes up but this could vitiate the functionality of our eyes.

Eyes are essentially guarded by all the five elements- Earth (Prithvi) manages the muscles, fire (Tejas) guards the blood vessels, air (Vayu) runs the color, water (apu) dominates the white area, and space (Akasha) clears the tear ducts and channels. Ayurveda explains that Alochaka Pitta a sub-dosha of Pitta dosha governs our eyes. Through Alochaka our eyes catch the visuals and images and let the brain interpret them. Everything works well when Alochaka pitta is in balance, the vision is bright and absolutely clear but the problem arises when pitta becomes aggravated which usually happens with growing age. This does not let the liver function properly which often leads to other health issues like vague vision and poor eyesight. Therefore, it becomes necessary to pay great heed to our eyes as we grow old. So as per the studies of Ayurveda, the best way to keep your eyesight healthy is to keep pitta cool and calm with proper foods and daily meditation.
Eating habits All our body parts are affected by our eating habits and so are our eyes. Foods that are rich in beta-carotene (vitamin A) help improves eyesight so include such foods in your diet like- Carrots, cucumber, broccoli, spinach, grapes, almonds, cardamom, pumpkin, apricots, peaches, cantaloupe, mangoes. Some Ayurvedic herbs are also there that acts miraculously well on our vision like- Amla, Asparagus, Bhringraj, Black pepper, Rose petals Liquorice and Triphala.
Let us start with some simple activities that could help us improve our vision.

  • Slowly and steadily rotate your eyes in all the directions but concentrate on one eye at a time. Do this several times a day with eyes shut to get additional benefits.
  • Start your day with splashing your eyes with chilled water. Keep your mouth filled with water and then blink the eyes and wash them. This would keep the Pitta in balance throughout the head region.
  • According to Ayurveda, the sun is the ruler of the eye. To start with it, start gazing at the morning sun or the setting sun for 10 seconds and keep on increasing this time daily. Doing this daily on barefoot will give additional benefits also it would activate the β€œthird eye”, and help to deal with depression and anxiety.
  • Another remedy working since ages is Trataka. In this, you need to meditate at a ghee lamp flame without blinking. Keep on gazing at the flame until tears well down the eyes. This helps in improving our endurance and provides stamina to the eyes.
  • Palming can also prove effective in dealing with eye ailments. Rub your palms to create a gentle heat and then place your palms over your eyes. Keep them there for a minute, this will help you release stress and improve the strength of eyes.
  • Shut your eyes tightly and then open them firmly. Repeat it several times a day to give a stretch to your eyes to improve the vision.
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  1. I wear specs and taking care of eyes never really is given adequate importance. Thanks for the amazing tips 😊😊

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