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#BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet | New Delhi

Hello, friends! If you are following me on Instagram, you might be knowing that yesterday, on 25th February 2017, I got to attend the #BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet at Vivanta by Taj, Dwarka. After taking place at Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai, now was the turn for Delhi. It was a fun, frolic and creative experience altogether!  Want to know more about this? Keep reading.  

I arrived at the right time, 12:30 and got myself registered and they gave me a badge which had my Twitter username. Along with me came Shakir, from The Life Hype, a lifestyle blog in which I too write. I also met Ms. Bushra from Noida Diary and Ms. Hemlata from Hema’s Musings which became my friends from the last IndiBlogger meet. After registration, I got my pics clicked at the BergerXP wall with props! We headed on to have lunch afterward. It was delightful especially the ice cream and Ras malai, I just loved it! Then went inside the hall to get ourselves seated. The meet was kickstarted by Anoop, who is an amazing host and entertained us well. There we had our first creative activity. We all were given an envelope which contained 5 chits and all of them belonged to the bloggers present in the meet. We had to find them by their description and their blog link. I managed to find one blogger and got it signed. I think this was one fine way of exploring our fellow bloggers. 

Then came Mr. Vinod Das who talked about house painting and described the fuss and inconvenience we have to go through this process. He introduced us to Berger Express Painting, an innovative, unconventional way of painting houses. He told us that Berger Paints has come up with the motto of a β€œFaster, Cleaner and Better” experience for consumers with its Express Painting service with their Home Painting Tools which is less time-consuming, mess-free with a world-class finish. It also cuts the cost of labor due to automated machines which mean you get your paint job done at the price you would from another painter being 40% faster than traditional painting method. No additional costs involved. Being said that statement, bloggers asked few questions and doubts they had to Mr. Das and he answered them. 

Now it was time for sand-clearing activity in which 6 teams were divided and we were the team no. 2, The Invincible. We had to scrape the paints patches off the board and make the surface smooth. We did and won the first round! Now it was time for tea, so I had masala tea and meanwhile, the captain of our team was given the topic of the next round in which we had to make a painting. The topic was ‘Festivals of India’ and somehow we all managed to create a painting representing all the festivals of India. We had 30 minutes to do so. When time was up, we all had created a descriptive, nicely illustrative painting. 

Then every team had to come up on stage and show their painting and speak few words about it. Everyone did a great effort in painting the canvas with their creativity. The competition was tough so the judges needed some time to decide and meanwhile, we got to see the demo of those automatic machines Berger Paints introduced. The tools were sanding machine, multi purpose mixer, auto roller, high-pressure washer, and airless paint sprayer. It was nice to see how developed this method of painting is and it surely will save time! 

Now the results were announced and our team came 3rd without winning any prize. It was still a good achievement though and out teamwork got paid off.  At last, we all IndiBloggers got clicked in a group photo and waved goodbye by giving a token of love, IndiBlogger tee, a coffee mug and few guides on texture, shades ideas on painting.  This was such a pleasant experience I had and this was my second IndiBlogger meet which I enjoyed! Thanks, IndiBlogger and Berger Paints and love you! You can know more about Berger Paints here

You might like to watch the latest advert of Berger Express Painting:

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5 thoughts on “#BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet | New Delhi”

  1. It was great reconnecting with you, Mariyam. Indiblogger meets are loaded with fun and Gyan always. Excellent recap of the event. Enjoyed reading this ☺️

  2. I wish I would have had received the passes as well πŸ™ Seems I missed a lot of fun and a chance to meet you in person! πŸ˜€

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