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My Beauty Blogger Goals for New Year

Howdy beautyholics? How have you been? It’s the 14th day of January and I’m still working on my new year resolutions. This time they shouldn’t be obvious like losing weight (well it is one of my resolutions but I’d say losing ‘fat’ not weight), spending less or getting organized because they are long term goals and have high chances of leaving them halfway. Nevertheless there are actually realistic goals that I want to achieve in the beauty department this year and hopeful every year. I hope you like my set of goals!

That I’ll discover and read at least 5-6 blogs every day
Life is pretty much hectic. I’m feeling that I’m losing the enthusiasm I had for reading blogs and there was a time when I used to read 20-30 posts a day and I used to actually read them.Reading blog posts can boost both your reading and writing skills and sometimes give you inspiration to write a new post. But now I’m losing the zest because of lack of time so I’ve decided to start from reading 5 blog posts a day and gradually build up my reading game to more and more blog posts a day.

I’ll not purchase something in a jiffy
It always happens. I see a review of a beauty/makeup product and get awestruck by it. I feel like buying it right now and there I place an order. Then I get disappointed or even if I like it, I stop using it anymore. So that leads to wastage of money. Buying anything in an impulse is completely a stupid thing which I need to take control of. I’ll take a day or two to finally decide if I really want it or not. 

Experiment with new makeup looks
I do makeup when I go out and that only happen sometimes. To be honest, I’m lazybones and I resist using makeup often. But this year I’ve decided whenever I’m wearing makeup I’m going to do it properly. I want to make myself open to many makeup techniques and learn them. I want to try different combinations of lipsticks and eye shadows and blushes and what not. So basically I want to master the art of makeup which will only happen when I start experimenting makeup looks. Wish me luck on this one!

Master wing/cat eye liner
The wing I make on my eye is never the same length or breadth each time. Sometimes it’s too thick and sometimes it’s too thin. The wings differ in size. At times, it’s not even precise. I’m a beauty blogger but I haven’t mastered wing eyeliner or cat eyes. Doesn’t that sound awful? I want to practice and practice until I achieve a perfect wing and a cat eye. I’ll invest in a good quality gel eyeliner to achieve the look. 

Stop procrastinating to write a post
I’m doing something. Suddenly, a great post idea comes striking in my head but my habit of procrastinating and delaying writing the post makes it disappear after a while and at last I’m left with no inspiration to write. Enough with this now, next time when I get an idea I’m instantly going to note it down or even write some pointers for the post. I’ll can always make it detailed later. This way, I won’t miss the holy inspiration I just got and make a great, catchy and captivating blog post. 

Be consistent 
There are days when I post regularly, like daily and there are times when I just post once or twice a week. This leads to unbalance between posts. We are bloggers but posting 24/7 isn’t our cup of tea unless we’re full time bloggers. We have other commitments to take care of and because of this we post less or more and don’t have a balanced routine. This year I’m going to try and be consistent about writing posts on a regular basis.

Did you like my beauty blogger goals for this year? I think they are realistic and not at all unpractical. I hope every beauty blogger gets inspired by my resolutions 😉

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