Why You Should Shop Early For Prom?

As a girl, you probably cannot wait for prom! So, to make your special day as stress-free as possible, here is the low-down on the best time to start shopping for your dress.

When to Start Prom Dress Shopping?
The best time to begin shopping for a prom dress is January. This may sound way too early, but when it comes to finding the perfect dress, the early bird catches the ball gown worm!

Avoid the Masses
By beginning your search at the beginning of the year, you can be first to check out the Sherri Hill prom dress 2017 collection at the Prom Dress Shop. In fact, it’s around that time that retailers start stocking their racks. Starting your hunt early means you have more time to sift through the range of options and make up your mind. So, if you’re caught between satin or chiffon, red and purple, there’s no need to rush to make a decision you may regret later.

The Logistics of Dress Shopping
Here are 3 top tips to help you find the perfect dress:

Pre-order – A lot of stores will let you order your prom dress ahead of time. If you see a brand a store carries, go to the brand’s website and sift through the latest collections to see what’s in for the coming prom year. By the way, short dresses are on trend for 2017! Once you see something you like, you can pre-order your dress, and you may even get it as early as December!

Layaways – Many stores are happy to let you to put a dress on layaway, so you can pay for it over a period. Layaways are a good way to get your dream dress without getting too stressed about having all the money for it in one go. It also gives you more time to budget for styling, beauty treatments, and accessories.

Special orders – If you see a dress you love but the retailer doesn’t have the size or colour you want, you can ask them to special order it. Depending on your size, you probably will have to order your dress early to make sure you get what you want.

Don’t Get Caught in a “Who Wore It Better” Scenario
While many stores will guarantee not to sell the same dress to a girl attending the same function, shopping for your dress early ensures you find and keep your dream dress before anyone else does. Why not register your style? You could use the National Registry to avoid awkward encounters with other girls dressed like you.

The Benefits of Shopping Early
Most tailors require anywhere between 2-4 weeks to complete their alterations, so, by purchasing your dress early, you can sit back and relax, knowing you have loads of time to shop for your accessories. What’s more, if the alterations aren’t quite right, you can make as many alterations as you need to, to guarantee the perfect fit.

Now that you have the best reasons to shop for your prom dress early, it’s time to decide what kind of dress you would like!

Lots of love,
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