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How To Perfectly Master Cat Eyeliner Look

It is a catty kind of season, and catty eyes are everywhere just like cat eye makeup! From the runways to the streets, this is the look everyone is up for it. It is a retro look, which is bound to make a statement wherever you go. If done properly, it can add a chic and classic flair to your overall look. Here I discuss the techniques you can use to get that perfect flick.

Use a Lid Primer
The first step to perfect your catty eyes is to use an eyelid primer. Eyelid primers have gained popularity, as they not only provide a smooth base to start on, but they also prevent smudges and make the eyeliner long-lasting.
If you do not have an eyelid primer, you can always use eyeshadow. Do not go for a darker eye shadow, as this is already a dramatic look and putting a dark eye shadow will make it look overdone. Instead, use an eyeshadow that matches your skin tone. Do not substitute an eyelid primer with creamy eye shadow as the eyeliner can be easily wiped off with it.

Find the Wing Angle
Take a pencil or brush and place it against the outer side of your nose and angle it such that it points towards the end of your eyebrow. This is the line you want your wing to follow just like you do for winged eyeliner.
Make a dot to indicate the tip of each wing. The higher the dot is, the thicker your wing will be. Make sure it is even on both sides as an uneven wing will look totally off. If you have hooded eyelids, make the angle straight as an extension of your lash line, to open up your eyes.

Eyeliner or Eye pencil?
Whether you use an eye pencil or eyeliner, it is up to you. Eyeliner gives a refined and sharp look, whereas an eye pencil gives a softer look. If you think you don’t have a steady hand, it is better to use an eye pencil first and then draw over it with your eyeliner.

A steady Hand is All You Need
Make sure you have a steady hand when applying the eyeliner.
If you think you don’t have a steady hand, rest your elbow on the table or sink in front of the mirror so that you can move your wrist easily and not mess up your eyeliner.

Connect the Dot to the Outer Corner of Your Eye
Draw a line connecting the dot to the outer corner of your eye. Do not pull the skin while drawing this flick. It may seem a bit easier to apply eyeliner while pulling your skin, but when you release it and it goes back to normal, your flick will have a sloppy look to it. To get a better look at what you are doing, tilt your head back and lower your gaze. It will keep you updated without compromising your flick.

Completing the Line
Draw another line, using your eyeliner, to connect the dot to the middle of your upper lash line. If you have round eyes, a thicker flick and line will suit you, however, if you want to open up your eyes, a thin flick is the way to go.
Fill in the Outline
Now that you have outlined your eyes, it is time to fill up the flick. If you have drawn a thin flick, then there is no need to fill it up.

Complete the Inner, Upper Lash Line
Start from the inner corner of your upper eyelid and join it to the line you drew before. This should be done in one fluid movement, as you do not want your eyeliner to be jerky or uneven. Do not pull or tug at your eyelid, while doing this. Thicken your line as you move to the outer corner and towards the flick you created.

Clean Up Any Mistakes
Use a Q-tip and dip it into the eyelid primer or any other cream and gently remove any excess eyeliner. A pointed Q- tip can easily go into corners and clean along lines without any accidental smudging. Avoid using a makeup remover as it might do the job too well!

Finish Off with Mascara
You can finish off with mascara, or you can even curl your lashes to give a glamorous look to the flick you just mastered.
Masteringcatty eyes is not a difficult thing. You just need to be patient with yourself, remember to practice and then rock those beautiful flicked eyes of yours!

Lots of love,

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