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I guess you might have heard about Is it a dating site? No. Is it some kind of business app? No. Is it a social networking site? Well, it’s more than that! You know how Facebook and other social networking sites are today as compared to they were few years back. Sense of networking is lost and we better call them a site for business promotion. Why am I so much raving about this website? Keep reading and you’ll know why…

About Affimity:
We are a group of friends who are passionate about our interests, and wanted a better way to share them online. We wanted a better social home for each of our passions – a single place to learn what’s new, ask and give advice, share our photos and thoughts, follow and friend others who are similarly passionate about the same thing. Without irrelevant noise, and without having to go to different sites for different activities. We also noticed how TV evolved from just a couple of all-purpose channels in the beginning, to dozens of interest-specific (news, food, sports, history, comedy, weather, classic movies, children, golf … ) channels today.

What is this website about?
Affimity was founded by Ramana Venkata, Parveen Mittal, and Amar J Singh in the year 2014. It was born out of dissatisfaction they had for social networking sites as they lacked freedom when it came to user’s interest. It’s basically a Bangalore based latest social networking website on the block. Best thing is that users can socialize with other users who share the same interests. Once you sign up, you have to choose your favourite channels. You know my interest lies in Beauty and Makeup, and it has got plethora of users interested in beauty whom I can connect with. After choosing channels as per my interest, my feed shows content only related to beauty, and no other useless content.

Here are the posts which I published on Affimity’s Android app:

There are various channels dedicated to related niches like Wellness, Fitness and Yoga. It’s a fine platform for bloggers and other people who want to promote their talent and works. Users can post, like, comment or share just like Facebook. Option of following and direct messaging is also available. If you have a complete and interesting profile, you’re sure to get many followers!

Why is it so different than others?
The answer is simple. It only shows what you like and what you choose. The idea of interest-based social media is really innovative. Your posts doesn’t go unseen or ignored because you always have users who will be interested in your posts. That means no spammy posts! You also get a chance to connect with similar people like you. Besides the website, it has got it’s Android and iOS app too which you can download easily!

How is it helpful for bloggers?
Now I’ll tell you why I rave about this so much. If you’re a blogger and want some exposure, this is the right platform. You can update there about your latest post with link and get a decent amount of traffic to your post. I’m saying all this because I’ve personally tried it. You can get positive responses from readers and bloggers as well as cultivate a strong bond of networking. I posted an update and got significant number of likes which I couldn’t expect! Many of the bloggers are already on Affimity and are promoting their content and getting a good readership. Be assured that your posts will reach to targeted audiences.

If you’re a blogger, I’ll highly suggest you to use this platform for exposure, organic traffic and life-long readership. Do follow me there (mariyam_abid) when you sign up! 😘

Lots of love,
Mariyam ❀

*Sponsored post, opinions are mine and honest!

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