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Sunscreen : 5 Myths and Facts

If we talk about sunscreens, it’s gonna be a never ending topic cause you and I just know how essential it is. I don’t step out without applying it and for me it’s a must. It all started when I experienced pigmentation because of not using a sunscreen. Just after then I became an avid user of it and now just can’t do without it. There are some myths regarding usage of sunscreen which most of us have thought about. Today I’m going to break those myths with facts. Stay tuned and keep reading!

Myth #1: Applying sunscreen after every 2 hours causes clogged pores.
Fact: According to dermatologists, extreme sun rays causes sweat and because of this sunscreen gets washed off from face. So regular application of sunscreen after 2 hours is a must when you’re out!

Myth #2: Choosing sunscreen according to age isn’t necessary.
Fact: This isn’t legit at all. While choosing a sunscreen, keeping one’s age in mind is essential because ladies aged 20-30 almost have oily skin so they must use a water-based or gel-based sunscreen while ladies aged above 40 should use a rich and hydrating sunscreen as their skin tend to get drier with age.

Myth #3: Sunscreen with at least SPF 50 is required for protection from sun’s ultraviolet rays.
Fact: Dermatologists say 15 to 30 SPF is enough but you should keep your complexion in mind. For dusky and darker skins 15-25 SPF is more than enough whereas for fairer skin tones need at least SPF 30 as they are prone to sunburn. Pick a sunscreen which has UVA and UVB protection to make it more effective. Dry skin girls should use cream based sunscreen and oily skin should always choose a gel based sunscreen.

Myth #4: Not using a sunscreen increases the chance of skin cancer.
Fact: I would say it’s totally false and so does research. According to a research Indian skin tones have high concentration of melanin which decreases the chance of skin cancer. But yes. not using a sunscreen might cause pigmentation, wrinkles and dark spots which is not good for skin! But a low dose of sunlight is always healthier for immune system and bones.

Myth #5: You don’t need a sunscreen if you stay at home.
Fact: This is again an unpractical myth. Unless you live inside a cave there’s no way you can get away with sun’s rays. Skin specialists say that sun rays coming from windows and doors can also do harm to skin so a using a sunscreen at home might be a safe bet in order to stay protective! That also doesn’t mean you should avoid sunlight. You can also put heavy and dark curtains to avoid sunlight when it’s at peak.

So I think I’ve busted some of the most talked myths about sunscreen. Is sunscreen a staple product for you? Comment ☺

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