5 Exotic Ways Celebrities Rocked Sarees

Oh yes it is about designer sarees. It’s time to unveil some latest trends in fashion world to give you those extra marks you totally deserve. Sarees are touching new heights in fashion industry and our Bollywood ladies are truly rocking the whole ethnicity. You girls are making us proud and enabling Indian women to explore more & more when it comes to ethnic wear. Are you in deep love with sarees? And do you have a gorgeous collection of designer sarees? Then this is worth it ladies. You need to stop sticking to the same old draping style. Yes, fashionistas have found new ways to elevate your sensational personality and gladden your soul. Wait girls, you will explore each of them. 

No, I am totally serious. It has happened and it’s happening. The whole style of saree draping has revamped in so many awe striking trends that you will feel as you are living in some other time (Obviously, in progressive way). And the most delightful thing is that you have the privilege to explore online women ethnic wear.
Let’s get the glimpse of this spectacular rage aroused in fashion world…

Sari Pants

Isn’t that looking sultry???
Now replacing an under skirt with pant, who would have thought of that. Well in my mind, whoever did deserve a standing ovation. Okay, at least a round of applause. This style is really cool and highly appreciated by women. So next time when there is a party, take out your coolest pant and pair it with your splendid saree.

Sari with Jackets

Who do you think can invent this style? Is there anyone more creative than this girl in our whole fashion industry? I don’t think so. Sonam Kapoor created this style of saree with jacket in Cannes Film Festival, & ever since this style is viral.
She is truly an enchanter!!!

Waist Belt Saree

Well, this one is best for autumns. Why? The belt will help in obstructing the cool breeze escaping into the midriff by fixing the pallu with a belt. And it will also add new streak to your personality. You can easily find such styles in online sarees now. Already falling in love with belts???

Pallu as Scarf
I am completely awed by this image. Really, how will you describe such awesome style in words? When I came across this, I thought to myself that whoever has created this style doesn’t belong to planet earth. Jokes apart; but this style of pallu made as scarf is complete justice to fashion and truly stunning. Can’t take my eyes off from this one!!!

Tulip Style Saree

Hats off to our trendsetter designer Anamika Khanna who has designed this amazing saree draping style. Tulip style is inspired from other draping styles. A pair of leggings or dhoti is to be used instead of under skirt in this style. Ladies all these styles are available online. So cheers to online women ethnic wear. It is your bundle of joy.

Which style of saree did you liked the most? Comment 😙

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  1. Fabulous post. I really love the Kareena Kapoor style. I am coming to Delhi, India for a wedding and my blouse has not been sorted yet. I have selected silk saree so I will have to think of a cool style like this.

    Ash |

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