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Natural Bath and Body Grapefruit & Vitamin C Gel Face Masque : Review

Hello beautyholics, where have you been lately? My summer vacations have ended long ago and I’m busy with college life so couldn’t update my blog frequently. I’m bad at scheduling posts so whenever I get time, I use it for updating. Anyhow this goes on, I’m reviewing a face mask today which is Natural Bath and Body Grapefruit & Vitamin C Gel Face Masque.

What Does it Claim?
Nature’s most powerful antioxidants- Vitamin C, grapefruit oil and plant extracts team up together to create this whitening gel pack. This citrus facemask gently removes impurities and reveals skin thats remarkably lighter, whiter and brighter. Formulated with a precise concentration of Vitamin C that is known for its anti-aging and antioxidant powers, this gel also nourishes collagen fibers to maintain skin firmness. It is combined with Grapefruit extract to enhance its ability to lift the skin complexion and protect it from environmental damage.

Price: Rs. 325/- for 100 ml


Shelf Life: 24 months

Natural Bath and Body Grapefruit & Vitamin C Gel Face Masque Review
This gel face mask comes in a black and orange plastic tub. Usually tubs are hygienic so the gel must be scooped out with clean fingers or you could use a spoon too! It’s sealed by a tin foil which keeps the gel from leaking. The gel is beige colored and bit runny in consistency. It smells sweet of grapefruit. It contains soft granules meant for mild scrubbing.

I take a dime sized of the gel and apply it all over my face while massaging lightly. While putting this on I feel a tingling and light burning sensation due to presence of Vitamin C. It’s obvious that natural products do give this sensation which means that they’re working. After 15 minutes, I wash it off with cold water. 

It doesn’t dry out my skin. It’s suitable for every skin type. Its claim was to lighten the skin complexion, whiten and brighten but I didn’t witness any of these effects on my skin. Its sweet fragrance was still there though. After using it I can say it’s really natural and felt like I applied a fruit pulp. It made my skin soft and supple. I hope with regular use it shows some brightening effect!

• Natural, organic product
• Free from preservatives and paraben
• Smells sweet
• Leaves skin soft and hydrated
• Will work for every skin type
• Will last very long due to its quantity

• Didn’t lighten, whiten or brighten my skin
• Takes regular usage to show effects
• Is bit pricey

Final Word: If your primary concern is brightening effect then don’t expect it from this face mask. It won’t make you instantly fairer nor does lighten skin but the fact that it’s natural and chemical free, I don’t mind using this. Being a gel mask it relaxes skin, makes it soft and even. Overall, I like this gel face mask.

Rating: 3/5

What kind of face masks do you prefer, clay based, gel or creamy? What’s your favorite one?

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