Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch for Wrinkles : Review

Hello lovelies! When was the last time I reviewed a Korean skincare product? It was a nose strip from a brand Luke, and today I’m going to review an eye patch by the same brand called Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch for Wrinkles.

About this Product:
Starting to have lines under your eyes? this type of eye patch is suggested for those with obvious lines under eyes. Often usage can fade out lines and wrinkles.

Price: $1.40 USD | INR 94.38| Buy it Here 

How to Use:
● After cleansing, dry with a towel.
● It is helpful to apply little bit of eye cream or essence before pasting the patch to your area, when apply lightly pat it under eyes area.
● Peel off the patch from plastic liner and apply onto the desired area.
● Leave on for 20-30 minutes and remove the patch.
● After removing the patch, no rinsing is necessary.

Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch for Wrinkles Review
I never used any eye patches because I thought I didn’t need them and not many brands in India provided eye patches. When I received this from Skin18 I wanted to try it out. This particular eye patch targets towards wrinkles. Well I don’t have wrinkles but I do have a dehydrated under eye area with dark circles. These patches come in a red tear-able sachet. They are sticked to a plastic liner and needs to be peeled before using. It smells somewhat refreshing.

After washing face, I applied rose water to my under eye area. I took one eye patch, applied and adjusted on my eyes. Did same with the other eye patch. It got sticked to my eyes without sliding off. I felt a cooling sensation after applying it on my eyes. I left it for 30 minutes and relaxed. Then I peeled them off. Results? My under eye area looked plump and moisturized than before. It looked nourished. Since I don’t have wrinkles I can’t comment on that.

• Makes under eye area hydrated and nourished
• Relaxes under eye area
• Easy to use

• I can’t comment on wrinkles claim since I don’t have them yet!

Final Word: These eye patches are relaxing and moisturizing for under eye area. One can just put it on and chill. It hydrates dull and puffy eyes really well but I’m not sure if it works on wrinkles.

Rating: 3.5/5

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