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Top Beauty Blogger Myths Debunked!

Beauty blogger – when you hear this I bet many things just crossed your mind like oh she must be getting so much makeup and beauty stuff from brands, she must be perfect or she must be earning big. Not just these but there are many myths that surround us. And I’m here to bust them! Before starting let me tell you I’m not an expert and just sharing my own opinions.

Myth #1: Beauty bloggers blog for free stuff
I’d like to start with this because it’s the most common misconception some people have about us. It’s totally false! When we write a blog post we give our hours into it, and not to mention the edits we make before publishing a particular post. A product is just an object that we review so that one can take reference from it. In fact we love working with brands and connecting with them. And not every product we review is sponsored.
Just because few people have been blogging just for freebies doesn’t mean you’ll generalize all of us!

Myth #2: Blogging is so Easy! We just have to write and hit Publish.
It takes tons of effort and time to make it to the top read blogs. And it equally takes writing, editing, photography skills to make a perfect post. We just don’t type, we do the work of editing, proof reading ourselves and it feels like a one woman team. Without creativity and passion, no blog can survive. And at last it’s the passion that survives!

Myth #3: We do it for Money
Trust me on that! Not more than few days ago my friend asked me how to make a blog and above that she asked how much will she earn? Isn’t that ridiculous? Is blogging all about money? No! Unless my blog is on top and I do it full time, I won’t be earning as much as I can from a full time job. So it’s pointless to say that we blog just for money.

Myth #4: Our review will be biased if the product is sent by the brand
Most of us are guilty of doing this when the product is sent by a high end brand just to continue the collaboration but it’s really unethical. Due to this our readers think of every beauty blogger as sellout (as they call it). Not everybody does that. It depends how you tell a con without making it look mean. When reviewing products, honesty is the key and the reader can easily make that out.

Myth #5: We blog because we want attention, fame and followers!
Correct me if I’m wrong. Lots of our friends, relatives might have thought that we’re doing it for gaining digits of followers, attention and freebies. If they did, believe me they’re jealous. I’ve already elaborated how blogging isn’t an easy task. My reason of blogging was that I wanted to make use of my writing skills by writing posts. But when I gained that needed exposure I just went with the flow. Gaining attention and followers is like a reward for hard work we put on blogging and it’s not the sole reason we do it.

Being a beauty blogger, have you come across these misconceptions yet? Or you’re a reader, what are your views about these myths?

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