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Oh Cute Box May 2016 : Unboxing

Hi all! Have you been subscribed to any of the beauty boxes in India? If yes, you know the excitement of gifting yourself beauty goodies every month!

There are couple of beauty subscription boxes available like Fab Bag, My Envy Box, MSM box, etc which you obviously be knowing but today I’m talking about ‘Oh Cute Box’ which is a new subscription box on the block! It launched this May and I’m glad I ordered it. Let’s know about this box further:

OhCuteBox is a beauty subscription box that has 4 to 6 deluxe size of beauty and grooming product samples. Every month, our beauty experts curate a selection of best-sellers, high-end and trendy beauty products in deluxe travel sizes to be included in your OhCuteBox. 

Price: Rs. 590/- (I got it for 490 because of launch offer!)

It’s affordable price and free shipping tempted me to order it and it came within a week. It came in a bright green box and all the products were safely packed. It had 7 deluxe sized products! I guess this month’s box was based on natural beauty because all the products were natural and chemical free. I personally prefer chemical free products. I also received a Rs. 100/- off coupon on next order. Let’s see the what I got from this cute box:

Skin18 Four Season Aloe Soothing Waterfall Oasis Mask

I have super oily skin in summer and I badly needed this sheet mask. I’ve used Skin18 masks before so I was delighted to see this in my box!

Mitti Se Pure Rose Water

I’ve used rose water a lot but this one was undiluted and I can sniff the freshness of it already! It’d definitely be a staple product for me.

Tattva Rose Honey Face and Body Wash

I’m not a big fan of body washes but then I read again, it’s also a face wash so I’m going to use it as a face wash since it’s handmade, natural and smells sweet of roses! It’s for Rs. 50 for 25 ml.

Mitti Se Anti Hairfall Oil

Again a Mitti Se product, this seems useful for me since I’m shedding hair lately and I hope it comes to rescue. It has herbs inside which aids to healthy hair. It comes for Rs. 50 for 50 ml which is a bargain!

Bon Auroville Aloe Vera Shampoo

It’s handmade shampoo free from harsh chemicals, alcohol and sulfate so thumbs up for this. It has a tangy fragrance and I’m excited to try this out.

Bio Bloom Almond Milk Moisturizer and After Bath Oil

I have fair amounts of moisturizers and this one just got added to the shelf! Almond milk is nourishing for skin and this moisturizer looks luxurious so I’m going to use this often! It retails for Rs. 199 for 50 ml which I think is expensive! After Bath oil smells fresh of patchouli and sandalwood which is relaxing. I never used a bath oil so this one is a new thing for me.

Final Word: Oh Cute Box made me really happy but I wish it had a full size product. Most of the brands are new to me and I liked Rose Honey face wash, Skin18 sheet mask and Mitti Se Anti Hairfall oil in it. It’s affordable and provides free shipping so it’s  a great bargain. If you prefer skincare more than makeup, then this box is for you.

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