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How to Get Radiant Skin In Summer

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Now coming back to the post, I’m going to write on how to get fair skin in summer naturally. It’s a fact that during summer, skin tends to get 2-3 shades darker than any other season and I hate it. Blame the scorching heat and sun. So here are some easy and effective tips to help you maintain the glow in summer!

Eat Fruits, a lot of them!
Summer is the time when you have variety of different fruits available. Eating fruits which contain water are extra beneficial for skin and overall health as they contain necessary minerals and nutrients. Some famous and delicious summer fruits are watermelon, mango, melon, etc which will help you in staying hydrated. You can also eat cucumber raw or as salad. 
Don’t Ignore the SPF
It’s obvious that you’ll be exposed to heat and likely to get a sunburn or a tan if you don’t apply a sunscreen. Opt for a higher SPF at least of 50 to stay protected from the sun. Choose a sunblock which has UVA and UVB protection. Also cover yourself up specially your face, arms and feet to avoid dirt and tan. 
Stay Hydrated!
Keep your water levels on check by drinking lots of water. As you know, water flushes out toxins and gives a clearer skin. Staying hydrated will also keep you from feeling fatigued. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water.
Use a Facial Spray 
Put your favorite toner on a spray bottle and spray on whenever your skin feels tired. It will instantly freshen up you face. You can also make your own face spray. Here’s how:
  • Boil some mint leaves in water. Let it cool and then strain it directly into a spray bottle and keep it on refrigerator. Spray whenever you want!
  • Take 1 cup coconut water, 1/4 spoon witch hazel, 1/4 spoon rose water. Mix all the ingredients and keep it in a spray bottle. Don’t forget to refrigerate it.
Try All Natural Bleach
Did you know you only need an orange peel to naturally bleach your skin? Take some dried orange peels and grind it. Mix rose water/raw milk with the paste and apply on your face. After 15-20 minutes, wash it off. You’ll notice your skin looking clearer and brighter. Or if you’re a lazy girl like me you can use Fem Pearl Bleach or Fem Turmeric Herbal Bleach for an instant fairness and sun tan removal.
Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize!
Even if you have oily skin, you must moisturize your skin. Specially for summer, use a water based moisturizer which hydrates your skin yet keep it oil free. Invest in a good moisturizer which contains less chemicals and more natural extracts.
Exfoliation is the Key to Clearer Skin
Humidity leads to excess sebum which might lead to blackheads and whiteheads. Exfoliate your face twice or thrice a week depending on your skin type. Pick a scrub with mild and non abrasive granules. Gel scrub would be perfect for oily skin and dry skinned ladies can opt for cream based scrub. Scrub regularly but make sure not to overdo it.

Some Homemade Beauty Tips

  • Apply egg whites on your skin regularly for a bright and oil free skin.
  • Mash a banana and mix it with 1 tablespoon milk. Wash when it dries.
  • Honey is a natural skin lightener. Mix it with lemon juice and rose water and apply this mixture regularly.
  • Apply potato juice in your face every day .
  • Mix Multani Mitti with sandalwood powder and apply like a face pack.
  • Make a paste out of fenugreek (methi) leaves to get a fair and pimple free skin.
  • Apply fresh aloe vera on your face to get rid of marks and scars.
  • Apply sweet almond oil or olive oil daily at night like a night cream.
  • Crush radish finely and apply on your face. It will give a cooling sensation and freshness on face.
These are the simplest of tips I use to achieve glowing skin! What is your formula to maintain the radiance of skin in summer?

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