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Beautiful and Famous Mehandi Designs To Try

If we talk about Mehendi today, we associate it with brides and that it makes their hands look even more beautiful. The art of applying Mehandi has been there in India since ages. Be it girl or woman of any age, mehendi fascinate them.
We apply it on occasions like marriage function, parties and festivals but today this tradition has become so epic that ladies don’t need any occasion to wear it. In today’s post, I’ll tell you about some pretty and famous mehandi designs that you’ll love to flaunt!

1. Arabic Mehendi Design

This is my personal favorite mehendi design. Pretty little floral designs found in Arabic mehndi design is what makes it famous! Specially on Eid, I see this design almost on every girl’s hand and they prefer this design over any other!

2. Moroccan Mehendi Design

This design originates from the Middle East. As you can see in the picture above, designs are resembling floral-geometrical shapes that screams history. All in all, it’s a new style that you should definitely try!

3. Bridal Mehendi Design

As the name suggests, bridal designs are packed with floral, ethnic and deep designs that intensifies the beauty of a bride. These designs are applied on full hands and sometimes on feet too. They even say the more darker the mehndi is, the more happier in marriage the bride would be! 😛

4. Pakistani Mehndi Design 

I find Pakistani mehndi designs elegant and graceful. They’re easy to apply and alluring at the same time. Simple floral designs give sober look to hands.

5. Indian Mehndi Design 

This is the most traditional design of India. It’s simple and ethnic. In many festivals and rituals, women wear simple mehndi design.

Do you like applying henna/mehendi on your hands? If yes, what’s your favorite occasion to wear it?

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