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Super Tips for Perfectly Painted Nails!

Do you love putting on different shades of nail paints? Well there are tips which will intensify the look of your nails: 

1. Before applying a dark coloured nail polish, always put on base coat which should transparent. This will not affect the natural colour of your nails.

2. After base coat, apply many thin layers of nail polish instead of a thick layer to make it last longer than usual!

3. If you accidentally had a smudge while drying nails, lick it with your tongue and it will be fixed!

4. After applying nail paint, dip your nails in cold water for 30 seconds. This will make them dry instantly.

5. Always buy a premium quality nail polish that doesn’t contain lead, Cheap nail polishes usually contain harmful chemicals and lead which can get inside stomach through eating.

6. Always make it a point to apply cuticle cream or olive/almond/coconut oil and massage nails.

7. Use cotton ball for removing nail paint as it makes the removing process faster.

8. Keep a ‘coffee’ shade nail polish in your makeup bag because it suits every skin tone.

9. Matte nails look way better than glossy ones and they are apt for college and office wear.

10. If you’re putting on a neon shade, use white shade underneath to make it pop!

What are your tips for achieving that perfect home manicure? Do leave it on comments 🙂

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