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Vaadi Herbals Deep Pore Cleansing Milk : Review

Removing makeup is very essential before washing face or going to sleep. I used to use baby oil, coconut oil and almond oil to remove makeup. Then I thought to try cleansing milk and got Vaadi Herbals Deep Pore Cleansing Milk with aloe vera and lemon extracts. I’ll be reviewing this today!

Price: Rs. 59/- for 110 ml


Vaadi Herbals Deep Pore Cleansing Milk comes in a white with a flip green cap. It’s sturdy and shuts with a click.

My Experience: I’m not regular user of heavy makeup and use BB cream, kajal and lipstick so I didn’t need an expensive makeup remover. At the end of the day removing all of these seems like a hassle. Using oil feels greasy on my oily skin so a cleansing milk was much needed. It’s a cream based cleanser so doesn’t feel harsh on skin. It has got a citrus-y smell which isn’t that bothering. I take an adequate amount on cotton pad and start massaging my face which helps in dissolving and removing makeup. It gives a cooling sensation on my face. I also sometimes use it on a damp cotton pad and it works better that way. It removes every trace of makeup gently. I don’t use it on eyes for removing kajal/kohl as my coconut oil can better take care of it. After removing everything, I wash my face well and then again wash it with my face wash just to be sure that it’s clean and free from dirt. It doesn’t leave any greasy layer on skin post washing.
It irritates eyes so I always have to be careful. I’ve used it without a cotton pad with my fingers and it didn’t cleansed my face and residue was left so cotton pad is necessary to wipe away makeup. I use it for removing my BB cream, kajal and lipstick. It can be used for facials as cleansing milk. Isn’t that obvious? 😛 

● Cheap in price.
● Quantity is really good so it’ll last long.
● It’s a herbal product so less chemicals I guess!
● Removes makeup effectively.
● Gives a cooling sensation and gentle on skin.

● Irritates eyes so one has to be careful to not let it get into eyes.

Final Word: I haven’t experienced any problem while using it and since it’s a herbal product it can be used without any worries. It’s dirt cheap and totally value for money! 

Rating: 4.5/5

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