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Unique Valentine Day Gifts for your Man

Celebrating the spirit of love, is the tradition and history of Valentine’s day. We humans are blessed with this epitome, which is created by none other but by a human only. This month of romance is full of surprises, lots of love and gifts. All those who are already planning to make this day a special one for their loved one, have had made hard efforts as of now. There is much awaited for this day. 

While every day in your love life must be special, an occasion like Valentine’s day adds more sweetness to your love life. Using this day to its most and creating unforgettable memories, should be your motive this year. In this course, I am here to assist you in what you can gift to your husband or boyfriend this year on the Valentine’s day. My list is exclusive and I am pretty sure that you will like some or the other thing. Now no more talks, let’s get started. Scroll down and find the gift list.

Bronze Map Key-ring: Keyrings are essential. Useful and important, key-rings are one of the choices when it comes to gifting men. Rather than gifting a usual key-ring to your man, gift him a bronze map key-ring. Gifting this key-ring, somewhere also implies that you are telling the man to travel around the world and probably taking you around.

Wooden Ear Phones: Earphones are undoubtedly an important part of men’s life. Where, many varied types of earphones are available, there are wooden ones also. Gift him a wooden earphone this valentine. This remains as one of the classiest gifts you have ever given him.

Chocolates: Well, it’s not just the women who love chocolate, but men as well. Your man too might be loving chocolates. If that’s the case, then gift him a set of chocolates on the valentine’s day. You may include wine or beer chocolates in the set. Trust me he’ll just love the gift.  

Wrap Bracelet: Bracelets are the thing! While we have all heard about men gifting elegant bracelets to women, this year let’s turn out the chain. Gift him a crochet wrap bracelet, like the one shown in the picture. You will add more to his style with this.

Cufflinks: Yes, I know that is one of the most gifted stuff, but I’ll still suggest you this. It is because this is one of the most classy gifts for men. Gift him a pair of cufflinks as smart as these are and see him using these.

Wooden Liquor Decanter: Liquor is loved by most men. Use this point in gifting him on the Valentine’s day this year. Gift him a wooden liquor decanter, which he can use when having liquor. This will lessen his efforts and provide him with ease.

Collar Stay: Your man may have long days some days. His long meetings and hectic days will be good when he’ll look presentable all day long. For this, gift him collar stay. Collar stay is a different and a modish gift. So don’t think much and go for it.

Lumio: We all know, that most of the men have a special love for gadgets. If your men too have this love for gadgets, then this is one of the perfect gifts for him. It’s a mini-lumio. This is not an ordinary book. The cover flap opens 360 degrees to become a hanging pendant lamp. When lay flat, it can become a table lamp. The book’s spine also features a micro USB port to power up electronic devices and mobile phones.

Sunglasses: Age and sex are no bars for sunglasses. Everyone owns sunglasses, indeed, these are a need nowadays. For this Valentine’s day, consider branded sunglasses as one of the gifts. You can gift him a wayfarer, aviator, round-shape frame or D-frame style sunglasses to your man. Choose the one that suits best to his face shape.  

Ussies Book: Time spent together always stays with us. Pictures are the perfect way to revive this time. You can ponder over them with a ussies book. Gift him a ussies book and relive the time that you people have spent together.

So, these were some of the unique gifts that you can gift to your man, this valentine’s day. These will certainly add more sweetness to your relationship. After all, gifts are meant for that. I hope you have chosen your favorite amongst all these.
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