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Trendy Styles for Spring and Summer 2016!

Fashion never stays static. It changes with time and season. Every season has something to showcase even with the change in the year. Spring is all about being floral, and the next summer is nothing but being casual with something that makes you feel all lighter!
Spring-Summer collections are sure to make you look trendy and fashionable effortlessly. The fabric, the prints, the style – all sync perfectly and fall in place so that one need not work too hard to look hot this season! Check out what the season has in store in fashion?

Flare Dress

Want to go out for a party? Flare dress is the best choice for any particular occasion for the season. It is elegant, simple and comes in fabulous colors that will make you surely fall for it. Check out Abof for incredible collections on Flare dresses. You get them at offer rates using Abof Coupons.

Shift Dress

The shift dress is yet another that goes well with the season. It does not stick to your body showing off your curves. So, even if you are a person who sweats a lot, it will not bother you anymore if you are wearing a shift dress.


If you prefer wearing something that is a bit longer, then A-line dresses can be preferred. It will make you look tall. It comes in plain as well as in floral prints. It is the best choice for teenagers to beat the look for the season.

Sheath Dress

Sheath dress sticks to the shape of your body. It stays either around your knee or upper thighs. It is probably a party outfit that can be worn to seek attention.


Cardigans have an open front with buttons, made of soft wool, and so it keeps your body warm. It is extended down and goes well with a legging or a jegging. It resembles a jacket but is very much trendy for the season as it has long sleeves that can probably protect you from the sun as well.

Graphic Printed Tops

Graphic printed top is a casual wear with a print in the front of the tee. It can be of anything including your picture! These can be done customised. It is an excellent form of gift for friends and your loved ones during special occasions.

Printed Leggings

Printed leggings are also the trendsetter now. Double shaded leggings and even geometric and multicolor leggings can be a choice for the season. It stays light and does not make you feel heavy even when you are out. Buy leggings online at affordable rates via stores like Zivame. You can even buy any lingerie via this shop. Zivame bras are quite popular for its style and comforts. They have an enormous collection of lingerie that suits any occasion and for any dress.

Maxi Dress

A floor length dress that looks the best on lean body types. It is a perfect choice for people who love to wear long dresses. It is a choice of fashion even for a Summer wedding!

Are you going to sport these super summery outfits? What’s your pick? Comment!

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