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My Beauty Resolutions For 2016!

New year comes with a bang but also comes up with new resolutions which we all make and plan but who follows them religiously? 😛 I too made many resolutions every year and rarely incorporated them. This time I thought why not make simple resolutions that are at least, practical? Like some beauty resolutions that I can follow. So I’ve decided to list those simple things I’d like to follow this year!

1. I will never, ever purchase a perfume online. I’ve had a horrible experience buying fragrance online and even after reading the reviews the product didn’t went up to my expectations. Description of fragrance is something that varies from person to person and what they like won’t make you like it! So I’ll sniff it or try it in the store only.

2. Whenever I’m shopping, I’ll always swatch lipstick under natural light and not just under indoor lighting because everything just seems good under indoor lighting. Your true look reveals under natural outdoor light.

3. I’ll not buy another product unless I finish off with the previous one. I have many body lotions and face packs lying unused because I kept buying another in a jiffy. 

4. I’ll invest my money on makeup more than skincare. Because makeup shows and skincare is like secondary stuff for a lazy bum like me.

5. Will not buy something instantly without thinking twice. I’ve bought many beauty products and then didn’t use them regularly and they’re lying half-used. I’ll save money on this instead and splurge on pricey makeup stuff. My tip is to buy less but useful.

These were resolutions I made for this year, well in fact for every upcoming year. Did you liked my beauty resolutions? Do comment and tell me yours!

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