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Makeup Rules For Winter Season

Whatever skin type we have but in winters it eventually turns dry and sometimes stretchy. Just like we change the type of clothes we wear in every season, makeup also needs to changed and done according to the climatic conditions. In winters, face needs to be moisturized well and oil based makeup should be used. Today I’ll tell you some makeup tips for this winter.

● Use an oil or moisturizer based foundation.
● Mix your foundation with a moisturizer for a dewy look.
● Sheer or light coverage foundation can also be used for a natural look.
● Avoid compact or pressed powder specially for dry skin. It would make skin patchy.

Eye Makeup 
● Prime and prep your eyes with a moisturizing primer underneath.
● Bright and bold colours are best pick for winters.
● Eyeshadow Shades like magenta, green, royal blue can be topped on eyes.
● Apply a dark liquid eyeliner. Cat eyes and winged eyeliner will instantly compliment your whole look.

● This is the only season when you can sport dark and bold lip colours without looking over the top.
● Choose dark shades like plum, pink, red, berry, brown.
● Forget matte lipsticks and apply tinted lip gloss.

● Choose cream blushes over powder blushes as they can make cheeks look patchy.
● Bright shades like coral, beige, peach and terracotta will bring a natural flush to cheeks. 

What are your makeup tips or tricks for this chilling winter? Share in the comments below!

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