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How To Make Grey Hair Black Again

Grey hair? Isn’t that a nightmare? When I first spotted a long white hair between my hair strands I freaked out and you would have been there too at least once in your life. Stress, lack of proper proteins and vitamins, disturbed lifestyle leads to premature greying of hair
which makes us conscious and embarrassed. But every problem has a solution. I’m listing down some homemade remedies that will reverse the growth of premature white hair. Note that incorporating them regularly will only bring results.

● Make a paste of onion and apply it to hair before washing just like you would apply a mask.

Amla (gooseberry) is effective for grey hair so apply amla hair oil regularly. Soak amla overnight in water and crush it in the morning and apply it to hair. Do it at least for a month.

● Applying whisked egg on hair at least once a week helps in maintaining black and shiny hair.

● Mix coconut oil with henna paste and keep it under the sun for few days. Doing this will make the mixture dark. Grey hair will eventually turn black.

● Application of raw coconut milk on hair is also beneficial.

● Add lemon juice to triphala churna and apply it liberally as a hair pack. This will eliminate the chances of premature greying.

● If the reason of your white hair is cough and cold, then eat 10 black peppers empty stomach morning and evening. This will treat cough and lead to darker hair.

● Drink wheatgrass juice regularly.

● Take 4 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and soak it in water overnight. Grind it and make a thick paste. Apply it on the roots of hair for 30 minutes. Wash it properly. Do it for straight 15 days and you’ll see the results.

● Take a cup of black gram and soak it overnight. Grind it and apply this paste in the morning for one hour.

Some tips and precautions you should follow:

● Increase your intake of vitamin B. Eat fresh milk and milk products. Vitamin B is also found in meats and eggs.
● Eat fresh fruits and vegetables regularly.
● Go through a thyroid check up to ensure you’re not suffering from it.
● Don’t use hot water for washing hair.
● Have a check on your lifestyle and start exercising.
● Stop smoking and intake of alcohol.
● Avoid stress and over thinking. It’s a major reason for early greying of hair.
● Give a hot oil massage once a week to your hair.

Treating premature grey hair through natural remedies are effective and safe. Have you ever experienced this? If yes, what’s your tip? Comment 🙂

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  1. Very interesting post. I read a number of blogs about healthy shiny hair but yours is the first one I read about making grey hair black.

    Amla interestingly is found to be of use in both the cases. Also, it can be used in so many different ways.

    I am sure a good number of people will be benefited by your article. You have offered a complete solution including precautions.

    Naveen Sharma recently posted…15 Health Benefits of AmlaMy Profile

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