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Ethiglo Skin Whitening Deep Cleansing Facial Foam : Review

Hello sweet tarts! I’m very particular about face washes and when I choose one I make sure it’s related to my skin concerns. When I read good reviews about Ethiglo Skin Whitening Deep Cleansing Facial Foam, I couldn’t stop myself from getting it. Now it’s been 2 months since I’m using it and little product is still left I’m ready to share my experience!

Ethiglo Skin Whitening Deep Cleansing Face Wash review

Ethiglo Skin Whitening Deep Cleansing Face Wash Review 

Price: Rs. 220/- for 70 g
What does it claim?
Ethiglo face wash comes in a white tube with a sturdy flip cap. I like its pretty, simple packaging.

My Experience: I got tempted by this face wash as it contains Kojic acid and Liquorice which are skin whitening agents. I bought it for my acne scars which are on my cheeks. This face wash is pearly white and has a brown mini granules for exfoliation but lesser in quantity. It has got a perfume kind of smell which is bit strong for sensitive noses. It gets rinsed off easily without leaving any residue. It leaves face dry post wash though. I notice my skin looking fairer but temporarily. Even after using for 2 months I didn’t witnessed any permanent effect. It’s a good face wash for oily skin since it cleanses deeply and doesn’t leave skin oily. Dry skinned beauties may find it drying. Its strong fragrance sometimes irritate my skin but it still works for me.

● Cleanses deeply
● Face appears 2-3 shades lighter after using this face wash.
● Good for oily skin.

● Fairness effect it gives is temporary.
● It’s drying for dry skinned beauties.
● Contains SLS and preservatives 

Final Word: Overall it’s an average face wash for me that doesn’t give permanent results as claimed but cleanses deeply and imparts a glow and that’s all!

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