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Khadi Gift Pack : Review

Hey lovelies! As you know Diwali is approaching soon and there’s hustle and bustle everywhere! People are exchanging gifts to their loved ones. This is the perfect season for gifting. I too received a lovely gift from my friend, as a token of love! And what? Skincare products, the one I love and hoard on! She gifted me Khadi Gift Pack which I really liked. 

Khadi products are natural and free from chemicals but I never tried them. So this was an excuse to finally try their stuff.
This gift set contains 6 items which are skincare related! Let’s figure out what were these items!

Khadi Moisturizing Cream with Rose and Aloe Vera

This cream is very moisturizing plus it smells like roses! I’m using it more and more and soon a review will be up!

Khadi Herbal Shampoo with Henna, Amla and Honey

I don’t usually use herbal shampoos but I’ve heard a lot about this one. I got to try it soon! Though color seems funny for a shampoo.

Khadi Handmade Soaps!

I got six small handmade soaps in different variants. They all look tempting. Can’t wait to try them all!

Have you received or gifted a beauty/makeup product to your loved one this Diwali? Don’t forget to share in comments!

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