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CC Hair Extensions: First Impressions and Introduction

Hello ladies! I’ve never tried hair extensions before. They are used to clip on hair making them longer and thick. Who wouldn’t want long and luscious hair without that hard hair care routine? After researching more about them on the internet, I got to know that there are brands that provide hair extensions made from 100% human hair. One such brand is ‘CC Hair Extensions’.

CC Hair Extensions is an online portal which sells various hair extensions with high quality but low price across the world. These are some types of hair extensions available on the website:

1. Clip in Hair Extensions

 These are the simplest kind of hair extensions. It comes with a clip attached with hair. One needs to simply clip it on hair and woom! Instant long hair!
You may find it HERE!

2. Hair Weave

Also known as hair weft, these hair extensions are sewn into a cornrow on the side of head. They suit coarse and thick to medium hair as these types of hair hold tightly on the cornrow. Hair weaves are available Here!

3. Micro Loop Hair Extensions

These are specially for thin hair. These are attached to hair with the help of metal bed and pliers. It is made in the form of loop into the natural hair. Check them out Here!

My Thoughts on hair extensions: I never felt the need to use hair extensions on my hair. But if I want my hair to look more appealing and voluminous, I’d prefer these. I’d like to try Clip On Hair Extensions as they are convenient to use and can easily be removed. If not for extending my hair, I would use a lighter shade as a highlight on my hair! These are affordable in price than most of the brands and offers great quality!

How to get them? Go to www.cchairextensions.com and select any extension of your choice! They offer worldwide shipping.

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What are your thoughts on hair extensions? Do you find them useful? Or have you used any? Share your views 🙂

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