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Basicare Foot Rasp with Pedicure File – Review

Basicare Foot Rasp with Pedicure File

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I take care of my face and body, pamper it well and love it. But lately, I’ve been also paying attention to my feet – the most neglected part yet is the one that is noticed first. I never realized it until I started wearing flip flops that how I haven’t taken care of my feet. I decided to give them the TLC they deserve and for that, I did a home pedicure which I’ll discuss in my next post. I used Basicare Foot Rasp with Pedicure File for exfoliation and I’ll say I’m pretty much happy with it. Keep reading to know why. 🙂

Basicare Foot Rasp with Pedicure File

Price: Rs 245/- (I got it for Rs. 165)

Basicare Foot Rasp with Pedicure File comes packed in a thick plastic packaging. Usage instructions and other details are printed on the back. Plastic packaging is advised to be used to store the foot rasp back after using.

How to use it:

Basicare Foot Rasp with Pedicure File

My Experience: Foot rasp and pedicure file has got a plastic handle with a good grip handling. Rasp is made up of steel and file’s brushes are made of nylon. After soaking feet in warm water for 5-10 minutes, callus becomes soft hence easy to work with. 

As per usage instructions, I used pedicure file first and brushed it on my nails and sides of feet. It feels harsh on foot skin if rubbed fast so be gentle. My foot nails were cleaner and dirt was effectively removed by this exfoliation process. This file can also be used on finger nails to brush away trapped dirt.

Basicare Foot Rasp with Pedicure File

After that, it was the turn of foot rasp. Soaking feet in warm water softened the callus. I rubbed it back and forth on the heels of the feet and gently on the soles. Rasp was not too harsh on foot heels and rather mild. After rigorous rubbing, all the dead skin and callus was removed and I was left with soft and cleaner feet. Removing the callus was a tough task as it took forever to get removed completely. After that, I dried my feet with towel and applied a thick lotion to keep them moisturized.

It has been advised to clean rasp and brush after every use. To prevent rusting, have the rasp lightly oiled and kept in a dry place. Diabetics should contact a doctor before using this product. 


  • Foot rasp and pedicure file both cleans away dirt and dead skin.
  • Exfoliates well.
  • It is gentle on skin.
  • Quality is not compromised and plastic handle catches a good grip.
  • Foot rasp doesn’t remove callus completely and takes continuous rubbing to get off.
  • Though I got it on discount, the price is just too high for a basic cleaning tool.
Final Words: I’m liking this foot rasp and pedicure a lot as they worked perfectly for my feet leaving them clean, free from dirt and dead skin. It’s a must have product if you love taking care of your feet! If you’re getting it on a discount then you should get this soon!

Rating: 4/5 (-1 for taking time to remove callus)

I store it back into its plastic!
Basicare Foot Rasp with Pedicure File

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