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Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Gel SPF 25 with Mix Fruit Exracts – Review

Hello cuties! It’s raining here in Delhi these days and right now I’m at my balcony gazing at the beautiful rain. A thing came up on my mind, would I need a sunscreen in this rain?
Searching through the web I found out the answer and it’s yes, you need a sunscreen even on a rainy day because sun rays can still reach to you unknowingly. But we all know in monsoon there’s a lot of humidity and creams will make the oily skin at its worse. So I purchased a gel based sunscreen that would suit my oily skin. It’s Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Gel SPF 25 with Mix Fruits extracts. I want to share my experience with this sunscreen gel.

Price: Rs. 59/-

Quantity: 110 ml/3.87 oz

Shelf Life: 3 years 


Active Ingredients:  Extract of Orange, Papaya, Apricot, Carrot and Chamomile. (Inactive ingredients not mentioned)

Directions for Usage:

Apply on cleansed face before going outdoor. Repeat application every time your skin is exposed to sun. For best result use with sun shield Saffron-Sandal face wash.

Vaadi Herbals Sunscreen Gel with SPF 25 comes in a white colored plastic bottle with an orange colored flip top cap and a white main cap underneath. The flip cap is tight but still a small amount dispenses on its mouth. Packaging is overall average.

My Experience: I was instantly impressed when I saw this sunscreen online as it was in gel form and contained fruits. Gel sunscreens are best for normal, oily, acne prone skin and get absorb easily. Considering its price, it’s dirt cheap so I wanted to try! Vaadi Herbals products are available online but not sure about its offline availability.

This sunscreen is in orange colored gel form and its consistency is between thick to medium. It’s fragrance is mild herbal with fruits mixed, it also smells like cologne. The smell isn’t overpowering though and fades away within minutes. 
I took a dollop and applied to my entire face and neck. I didn’t rubbed it or massaged it; just gently patted it on my face. It gave me a cooling sensation. After 2-3 minutes it got absorbed well. Although if you’re living in super hot humid areas, you’ll skin will get oily. It gave me a dewy look on my face. I applied my day cream on it afterwards. It also works as a moisturizer. My face got oily and sweaty after 2 hours and then I needed to reapply because when sunscreen gets sweaty, it fades away and turns ineffective. This sunscreen gel was not greasy at all and only gave an oily shine which can be patted away by a tissue or a compact. It gives me a refreshing feeling whenever I apply it.


  • Price is dirt cheap and quantity is adequate.
  • Herbal product that gives a cooling effect on face.
  • Non-greasy and gets absorbed easily.
  • Lower SPF if you ought to stay in sun for long hours.
  • Works as a moisturizer too.
  • Inactive ingredients are not mentioned. This means it must have got those chemicals.
  • Makes skin oily after 2 hours.
Final Word: I’ve used a gel sunscreen first time and I’m not that disappointed with it. It gives a refreshing and cool feeling to my face and works good as a moisturizer with SPF. I recommend it to oily and acne prone skin and normal skin types can also try this. You’re a getting a sunscreen at this price so don’t give second thoughts to try this.

Rating: 3.5/5
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