Lakme Nail Polish Remover

Lakme Nail Color Remover – Review

Hey everyone! I’ll share my experience with Lakme Nail Color Remover. My first nail polish remover was a cheap one and harsh until I discovered this one. Since Lakme is a trusted brand, I got one and till today I’ve been using it.

Price: Rs. 70/-

Quantity: 27 ml

Enriched with Vitamins, Lakme Nail Color Remover prevents excessive dryness around the nails, removes color completely and strengthens the nail.

Lakme Nail Color Remover comes in a regular glass bottle (remember lakme perfecting liquid foundation’s bottle?) with a beige colored screw cap and a stopper st neck with a small hole for dispensing. Nail polish remover is in royal blue color. It has watery consistency like any other remover. Smell is not bothering.

My Experience: I like wearing nail paints but removing them is such a hassle for me. The first time I used it, I dispensed required amount on a cotton ball and applied on my one coat painted nail with base coat. It dispenses a small amount of liquid which is enough for 2-3 nails. I applied on many coats and still it removed all at once. It required me 3-4 drops to clean up my both hand nails. It didn’t left any whitish cast that most of the nail polish removers do. My nails didn’t look dried up as it contains vitamin E. Only thing I need to be careful with is not to break the glass bottle. So all in all, it’s my HG now. 😀


Final Word: If you’re looking for a good quality nail color remover with an affordable price, go for it. It’s a great product to start off with before trying out high end brands.

Rating: 5/5

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