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Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation (Natural Shell) – Review

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As we all know foundation is an important part of a basic makeup. Whenever we have to go for parties, functions and weddings we use foundation. It makes the face glow and hides away small marks and imperfections on face.
Foundation can enhance the look and
facial features but choosing wrong foundation shade can kill the look. So choose foundation wisely and according to your skin color. Lakme foundation was my foundation and I’m quite proud about it (Majority of women swear by this product).
So today I’m gonna review Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation in Natural Shell shade.

Price: Rs. 125/- for 27 ml | Buy it here on discount!

What it claims:
Oil free
● with Vitamin E
● Water resistant

Shelf Life: 2.5 years

The packaging is quite classic in a glass bottle(you need to be careful with that). It is transparent so you can see the quantity easily. The cap is made of plastic and dark maroon in color like usual Lakme products. The list of ingredients is not mentioned.

I bought this shade Natural Shell after a lot of searching and it was 2-3 shades lighter than my skin color. It’s very affordable for makeup beginners. I’ll tell you which shade suits the particular complexion for your information:

1. Pearl : For fair skin (it has pinkish undertones)
2. Marble: Medium to fair skin (yellow undertones)
3. Natural Shell: for wheatish to a little dusky skin (yellow undertones which blend into Indian skin easily)
4. Coral: for dusky skin
Natural Shell and Coral are the ones that will suit me as I have dusky skin. Choose Coral if you have very dark skin.

My Experience with Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation in Natural Shell
The consistency of Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation in Natural Shell is thick and gel based as it contains silicone. It smells same as classic Lakme make up products. When applied on face, it feels very light and blends easily. However, it will leave a white cast if the shade is too light for the skin. It provides a medium coverage on major imperfections and high coverage for small imperfections. It evens out the skin tone giving a natural glow to the face. It stayed for 4-5 hours max for my oily skin. To make it stay longer, use a compact after applying the foundation. After wearing it for too long my face started to sweat but less. So its claim of being oil free is true to some extent. It does not contain SPF and it will be a concern for many. It claims to being water resistant so I tried to wash my face and half of the foundation was washed off easily but left a nice tint to my face which looked good. It never claimed to be waterproof. It can be easily cleaned by a makeup remover and leaves no residue. I never used it on acne as it can make the problem worse. I really like this foundation a lot it works in my skin like wonders.

Here’s a swatch:                 After blending:



● Affordable price
● contains vitamin E that nourishes the skin.
● Spreads and blends into the skin easily.
● Keeps skin oil-free for a longer time.
● Covers imperfections effectively.
● Water resistant to some extent.

● Does not contain SPF.
● Less variant of shades that may not suit every complexion.
● Ingredients not mentioned.

Final Word: It’s been my favorite all time foundation so I recommend every girl and makeup beginner to try this. It’s affordable and quality has not been compromised for the price. It suits every skin type. Just make sure you choose the right shade and you’re all set.

Rating: 4/5


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