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How to Make Yourself Drink More Water

Hello friends! Water is an essential and a basic need of our body. Without water nobody can survive and that is why we are told by everybody to drink lots of water daily. It does not only quenches our thirst but also detoxifies our body, helps in losing weight and makes our skin glow. There are uncountable benefits of water. At least 8 glasses of water daily is recommended but a lazy bum like me would never establish this habit of drinking water regularly. But lately, I’ve found my own ways to deal with this and finally made a habit to drink water every hour. I’ll share you those tips which helped me:

1. Always have a water bottle with you wherever you go.

Even if you’re outside or at home, you should always have a water bottle with you so you never forget to drink. If you’re at home always have a water by your bed side or table. If outside, carry it in a big purse.

2. Get an app that reminds you to sip water.
There are many apps available that remind you to drink water and even take account of how much water you drink and how much you need to drink more. For example, Water Your Body is such an app that reminds you every hour to drink. If an app is not available, see point no. 3.

3. Set an alarm that reminds you to drink water!
If an app isn’t available then simply set an alarm according to your preference so that you’re always reminded. 

4. Set a goal.
Set a goal daily on how much water you’re going to drink. Start with small quantity and gradually increase the intake of water. Reaching your goal everyday will make you feel proud and will help in establishing this habit.

5. Tell everyone to remind you occasionally.
When someone tells you something, you got to listen to them. Talk to your family, friends and your well wishers about your goal and ask them to remind you every now and then to drink water.

These were my personal tips that helped me drink water regularly. I hope this post helped you. 🙂

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Have a good day!
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