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Tips to Extend Shelf Life of Beauty Products

Hello sweeties! I know you all are beauty product addicts just like me and have the urge to buy almost every beauty and makeup stuff that you have an eye on. Sometimes the product you buy turns out that you rarely use it and when you want to use it, its expiry date comes. There are many beauty and makeup products that you love using and are costly too and having them expire really hurt your pockets. 

Don’t worry anymore because I’m here to share you some easy tips, tricks or hacks, whatever you say to extend life of your favorite beauty and makeup products. These tips are simple and easy to follow which might save you some bucks from purchasing a new one:

1. You have heard that keeping veggies, milk, fruits and other food items in refrigerator makes them last longer; so does your makeup. Store your lipsticks, nail polishes, lotions, toners, eyeliner pencils in fridge to enhance their shelf life.

2. Don’t keep your product’s cap open for too long as it can build up bacteria and its effectiveness will be lost.

3. When using mascara or eyeliner, avoid dipping applicator often and instead dip it once per use. The best way to avoid bacterial infection is to wash the brush applicator before and after every use. This is tedious but will increase longevity.

4. Keep you beauty and makeup products in cold, dry areas and avoid sunlight. Sun exposure can lessen their effectiveness.


5. Eye shadows and blushes can be easily broken while travelling or by falling. To fix this, break the eyeshadow into a fine powder and then settle it in its place. Pour 1-2 drops of alcohol letting it dry and there you go – your new eyeshadow/blush is ready to use.

6. If your foundation is starting to dry up, add few drops of your favorite toner in it. Make sure it’s alcohol free. Shake it.

Now you know how to save many bucks and use your makeup like a wise lady. Try these tips to increase you makeup’s life and do comment here. 🙂

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