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Palmolive Aroma Absolute Relax Shower Gel – Review

Hello ladies, hope you all are doing great!
I’m having a lazy afternoon watching TV shows and stuff.
Today I’m gonna write a review on a shower gel from Palmolive. Let’s see how it went for me…

Price: Rs. 145 (250 ml)

Description and how to use:


My Experience: This was my first shower gel and I was really excited to use it. My quest to find cool products online lead me to this shower gel.

The body of the shower gel is in hour-glass shape which makes it easy to hold and grip. The cap is purple colored flip cap which is sturdy and can also be opened by the screw cap. The rest of the body is transparent so you can see how much product is used and how much is left.
When you open the cap, it comes out in a gel form, slightly purple colored and in between runny and thick texture. It smells like lavender and has an aromatic fragrance which is relaxing. On back of the bottle it says to pour the shower gel on wet loofah but I first wet the body and then apply the gel directly on the skin and then massage with wet loofah. In this way, it will benefit the skin and cleanse well. When I applied it didn’t lather much.
Here comes the tough part. When I washed, it was very slippery and I had to rinse thoroughly many times to get over that slippery feeling. It leaves a layer behind which keeps the body moisturized. Because of this, I wasn’t satisfied as it didn’t give me a feeling of squeaky clean. It neither dries the skin nor makes it oily. It will do good for the dry skinned ladies. The smells lingers in the bathroom and makes bathing experience fun. After an hour and so, the fragrance vanishes. I think this shower gel would be a great option for winters when you need good moisturization.
It’s not suitable if you’re looking for a quick shower gel as it is a tiring and time consuming process to rinse off.


● Nice, aromatic fragrance.
● Cleans well.
● Moisturizing as well.
● Free from parabens.


● Contains sodium laureth sulphate.
● Gives a slippery feeling after washing.
● Blissful shower experience does not last for long.

Final Word: After using it for a while, I think it’s an average product. Its cleansing power is not up to the mark and I don’t get a clean feeling. Also the relaxing experience doesn’t last long but I would recommend this product for dry skinned beauties. Don’t use it if you’re running late and want some quick shower.

Rating: 3.5/5

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